Travel Porn: Fresh Seafood, How Brave a Traveler are you?

Are you a brave enough traveler to ignore the dead head and focus on the fresh tuna? Travel Porn delivers visual stimulation from around the world each week (most likely Fridays when I’m not stuck in a backwater somewhere). If this doesn’t get you hot, bothered, and fantasizing about your packed luggage (carry on, roll on, backpack, whatever turns you on) you might not be a traveler… Fresh seafood in Split, Croatia‘s fish market. It may be my years in Japan, or the fact that I grew up on an island but a fresh chunk of tuna really gets me going. If you are traveling down Croatia’s Dalmatian coast you are obligated to eat the fresh seafood available everywhere. Skip the touristy areas to make sure you are eating local fare and not frozen shrimp shipped halfway around the world. I usually post pictures from my travel porn box, but Read full article…

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