Petra Jordan Photo Essay: A Walk Through History

I threatened earlier a photo essay of Jordan was on the way, well now I’m following through. Please take the photos in the context of my article Petra Lives up to Expectations, and be prepared for an upcoming wild video of my donkey into the surrounding mountains. Petra is one place that I can whole heartily recommend to anyone. If it’s not currently in your bucket list, throw it in and make sure it’s on top. There is of course way more to see in Petra. These are but a few of my pictures from a full day spent exploring the city. However, to truly see the full ruins you need about 3 days. A journey at night with the Treasury lit by candles is another sight not to miss. I couldn’t show you everything or you might not be tempted enough to visit! If you enjoyed this photo essay Read full article…

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Petra, Jordan: When dreams live up to expectations

It is rare for our dreams and expectations to live up to reality. Often times we build a destination up in our minds only to be disappointed by cheesy touristic over development, or feeling cheated by travel writers and documentarists eager to oversell and hide the negative. As I drove along the barren coastal Dead Sea road my driver nonchalantly waved his hand, “This used to be Sodom and Gomorrah.” Twenty minutes earlier he had pointed to where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River. Amazed by how everyday his comment was I pushed to know more. “What’s the site called?” “Baptism Place.” He never took his eyes off the road. I thought he just didn’t know the name in English until I saw a large blue highway sign announcing the exit. It read simply, “Baptism Place.” Understatement was becoming common as I drove with friends for 3 hours to Read full article…

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