A Short Hike Outside of Geneva

In June I traveled to Geneva for a week of work. However, as work started on Monday I took advantage of the weekend to get some hiking in through the early summer air. I met up with two friends who live outside of Geneva and they took me out to the St. Cergue area. Just one hour on a local train and we were left out in the middle of winding forest paths, and centuries old farm houses. The view stepping off of the train. Luckily we arrived a few hours before the rush hour commute… The area is covered with paths that wind peacefully through the mountains. We came across a farm house selling cheese. Who could possibly walk buy without buying homemade cheese? We wandered into the house to find the owner in the middle of making cheese! We bought a nice big chunk of goat cheese. What Read full article…

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A Short Trip Around the World

In May I traveled outside of Sri Lanka for work and headed back to the West, at least for the first part of my trip. In the course of one month I visited England, the US, Switzerland and Thailand. My first stop was England to give a workshop on housing and security in Sri Lanka. It was my first time in England, so after visiting the University of Essex I took a few days to wander around London and soak up the Spring air. Piccadilly Circus Hyde Park was a great place to relax and see the black swans Westminster Abby Big Ben. By now you are probably realizing that all I did was walk around and see the landmarks from the outside. I wish I had enough time to look inside but I found just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere had its own rewards. Of course I Read full article…

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