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Hi readers, this is a different type of post. I’m not going to tell you anything, I’m actively resisting the urge to teach, amuse with my banjo twanging wit (whoops), or captivate you with my snarky satirical surprisingly smooth storytelling (damn it!).

I want to know what you think! I want to know what you most enjoy about Todd’s Wanderings and what you want more of. I’m here to indulge your whims (not really), answer your questions (if I can), and leave you feeling refreshed and energetic after exploring the world. In short, I want to you to take my Todd’s Wanderings Survey to Beat all Polls (click the link or see below). Sounds exciting and contentious, doesn’t it!

Help Make Todd’s Wanderings (more?) Awesome

On a more serious note, this is very important. With your help I’m planning to change Todd’s Wanderings into a Purple Cow. I want to stand out in the travel writing, adventure seeking, love my life it hurts blogging community. I want you to be itching to see what is going on here, desperate like a monkey addicted to crack bananas to implement by lifestyle strategies, and the hero of the bar as you conveniently (wink wink) replace my name with yours and enthrall the other drunks around you with tales of adventure and lust from around the world.

New Blog Movie Trailer for Todd’s Wanderings

Because I know that surveys can be boring here is the latest movie for Todd’s Wanderings. You can take the survey after you watch it. Hopefully it will put you in a good mood before you take the survey ;)

Take the Survey (it only takes 2 minutes)

(scroll up and down, use the arrow keys to move, or just hit the Tab key to move the survey down)

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One Response to “Explore the World Your Way: TWs Feedback Survey and VIDEO”

  1. HerbNo Gravatar says:

    that was fun, should have check your vids, they are very good, puts a voice with the face.
    Herb´s recent [type] ..Its a Beautiful View

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