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We haven’t had a Blog Party (think Block Party without the pony and clowns) here on Todd’s Wanderings for a while so its time to get to know each other better. There is beer further down, keep reading…honest… One of the greatest things about having a blog is being able to connect with so many people around the world. I want to extend the opportunity to you.

So, what is a Blog Party?

That’s a great question! Basically it’s a chance to tell us who you are, what you do, and where we can find you. It’s a way for us to meet each other, discover areas where we connect, learn new perspectives on life, travel, doing good, or whatever.

What you need to do.

Wait! Don’t go, I promise, no heavy lifting. Just introduce yourself with your name, what you like to do in life (ie how you travel, what you’re passionate about, number of piercings…), and any projects you’re working on at the moment. Now for the self-promotion part: leave your blog address and twitter name (use http:// so the link comes through) so that we can all find you again, if you have them that is.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you. Don’t be shy, and feel free to respond to each other in your comments or even post something up on Todd’s Wanderings Facebook Page.

I’ll go first by giving you a peak into what is going on with me at the moment.

1) Still working for the UN doing conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Kosovo;

2) An ebook I have been developing through Lonely Planet (yeah you read that correct) with 40 other travel bloggers is almost ready to launch. Its called “Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers.

3) I’m almost finished with the Hiking Guide to Dragash, Kosovo. It launches in the Spring;

4) My main Travel Book on hiking the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage Japan is 2/3 of the way done…but going slow at the moment while I get the other project finished.

5) I launched a new blog, Travel Blog Challenge. It’s a community experiment to prove if a Travel Blog can bring in a stable online income.

It’s as simple as that, although feel free to skip the list and describe in detail. For the record I used to have two piercings :)

And if you are feeling overly generous I’d love for you to give your feedback on my quick 2 minute survey so that I can help make Todd’s Wanderings even bigger and better. I’d really appreciate hearing what you think of Todd’s Wanderings.

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132 Responses to “Blog Party!”

  1. This is wonderful blog party. They did lot of fun in this party. This is happy to me if you share any video of this amazing party.
    Flat Pack Homes´s recent [type] ..New Website

  2. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    I feel late to the party.

    We are the Chandlers. We’re the people that our friends ask “are you really taking your kids with you” as we try to travel as much as possible. I mostly keep our blog to document our journeys so the kids will one day appreciate the charmed lives they’ve had. No real goals with our blog other than to share our adventures and hopefully make some friends along the way.

    Scott´s recent [type] ..San Francisco Trip 2012 Part II

  3. Blog party is one of the part of Todd journey. He did lots of adventure in his journey. Can you share some pictures of his great journey?

  4. I really like the concept of this post. Blog party is a different post from others. I would like to know more about this post.

  5. JohannaNo Gravatar says:

    I loved being a part of this! I hope everyone had fun.. This was a wonderful event and I am so glad that I participated! Thank you again for hosting this fun event!
    Johanna´s recent [type] ..Cable View Online

  6. Not sure how I missed this party. I’d go for a Red Stripe, if you have any, ice cold!
    I started my blog ( about 3 years ago, the same time I was exploring the idea of running a company doing specialized tours of Jamaica and the Caribbean. But neither the blog or the business got beyond a name and tour ideas on paper.
    Then last year, two of my girlfriends and I went to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. There was so many stories to tell, I decided I’d revive the blog so our friends/family could hear of our adventures without us having to repeat it ad nauseum. Once I started blogging about the trip, I realized how much I love to travel and how much I love to write about it. I’ve been posting since then. I haven’t missed a day since January (WordPress blogging challenge). I also signed up for Todd’s challenge.

    In October, I’ll be leaving my life here in the States and traveling to Jamaica, where I was born, to get to know it better. After that, I have not-so-firm plans to explore the other islands and South America. It’s scary but I know it won’t be boring.
    Hope you will stop by for a visit or follow me on Twitter @insidejourneys.

  7. Blog party is great idea. It is very good way to meet and introduce bloggers.

  8. I like your idea of having a BLOG party.. it is also a way to meet other bloggers. I think it would be fun.´s recent [type] ..What To Expect On A Property Tour Part 2

  9. LapeNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Todd! Hi Everyone! My name is Lape and I live in Lagos. I studied Geology at university. I’ve always written (journals, magazine articles, newspaper articles) but I was still surprised to find myself working as a copywriter which is my day job at the moment. I’m studying for an MBA at the moment and travel as often as my income allows :-) . I love travelling and finally started a travel blog although I’m quickly finding that typical travel blogs seem a lot more ‘serious’. I’m interested in sharing stories about the (few) places I’ve been and how others can do it too. Most middle-class people in Nigeria always go to the UK and my having been to The Gambia, Dubai, Paris and Ghana seems to marvel them. I hope to develop my blog so I can meet more people, make some money and have more fun! I’m on twitter ( By the way, I’ve got 7 ear-piercings ;-) I hope to hear from you all soon.

  10. What an incredble Blog Party…did I miss the beer?

    We are, clearly, Skott and Shawna a newlywed couple from the Canadian Prairies. Our RTW begins mid-June, and we are currently budgeting for a 15-month adventure. We both currently work in the media sales and advertising field, and although it is a great gig, there is no doubt we are so very much looking forward to our upcoming adventure…likely starting out in Guatemala…Our website will eventually be It is still pw protected for the moment as we have a few details to finetune on it. Also, our employers do not yet know we are leaving, and although it is a longshot, we don’t want them stumbling upon our blog too early.

    You can however find us tweeting @getupandglobe

    We absolutely are in love with the travel community – you have all been so helpful it has been dammed near life-altering.

    Peace and love – S&S

  11. Awesome Todd! Hey gang! My name is Lorna and I’ve just exploded my life as I’ve known it! :) I currently (but not for much longer!) live in the SF Bay Area, and work as a freelance documentary filmmaker (PBS primarily). I have a degree from UC Berkeley in cultural anthropology, have done research in Thailand featured on National Geographic Channel’s TABOO, and have traveled to a fair amount of countries for fun. I’ve just separated (very amicably!) from my hubby of 10 years, left my house, sold lots of my stuff, bought a tiny house on wheels, and am readying myself to take off on a huge solo adventure. I’ve got a thing for vintage vehicles and things, green-living, piercings, tattoos and TRAVEL. I’m super friendly and LOVE to cheer on fellow travelers and those who hope to join us.
    check me out at and @theroamantics on twitter. cheers! :)
    Lorna – the roamantics´s recent [type] ..Eureka! An Off-Beat Dream Leads to a Road Trip There

  12. ReaseNo Gravatar says:

    My name is Rease. I’m a US Expat living in Argentina.

    I have degrees in Audio Production and Spanish and I have worked in a ton of fields, my favourite being as a Bilingual preschool teacher and translator for a primary school. I was devastated to quit that job but it allowed me to move to Buenos Aires!

    I have a travel site with 2 friends, We like to make a name for ourselves by putting our true, snarky, sarcastic selves into the site. We do travel blogging and tips but also like to do funny travel related posts.

    Also- I have 9 tattoos. Down to 1 piercing these days, the eyebrow ring got ripped out.
    You can follow me at!/TravelatedRease
    Rease´s recent [type] ..There’s More to Cabo than Fruity Drinks

  13. SageNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Todd!
    Hi all.
    My Spanish Wife Christy and I run Food Pilgrimage, We ditched the beaten path to travel and bring you food adventures from around the world. We are determined to help you extract the most passion and joy out of life, by becoming a dedicated Food Lover. If you follow our food adventures, I can personally guarantee that your life will immediately be improved.!/foodpilgrimage
    Sage´s recent [type] ..The Ultimate Foodie Gift- Adopting an Olive Tree

  14. We are Maureen and Jeremy, currently ensconced in Portland Oregon. We own a wedding officiating Business ( and our staff officiants perform wedding ceremonies throughout Colorado, California and Oregon.

    Jeremy and I have nearly eliminated the number of weddings we perform ourselves so that we can be location independent. I have one wedding to perform in March, then two in Oregon in July and that’s IT Woo hoo! After that, we’ll simply manage the biz while our contracted officiants (35 of ‘em!) will do the hands-on part of performing the ceremonies.

    We’re launching a house-sitting adventure and we’ve already got two house sits lined up. So exciting. We’re moving out of our house in early April–selling all of our stuff in the process–and becoming Happily Homeless. We’ll be housesitting, traveling and running our business from the road indefinitely.

  15. DaleneNo Gravatar says:

    Fashionably late to this swinging party I guess!

    We are Dalene and Peter Heck of In 2009 we sold everything (originally we are from Western Canada) and have been on the road ever since. We’ve been around South America and are now working on a 6 month house sitting job in Roatan, Honduras! We have no idea where we are going next, and we like to be surprised!

    Two weird things that no one would know about us:

    - I have 3 tattoos, Peter has 2. I only have pierced ears and nothing else.
    - We are both former competitive curlers, Peter even participated in a World Championship in Japan (bronze medal – abysmal for a Canadian – ha!)

    We are blogging about our nomadic journeys and general travel observations. You can find (and stalk!) us at:

    twitter: @HeckticTravels
    Dalene´s recent [type] ..Must Have Kayaks

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