In June I traveled to Geneva for a week of work. However, as work started on Monday I took advantage of the weekend to get some hiking in through the early summer air.

I met up with two friends who live outside of Geneva and they took me out to the St. Cergue area.
Just one hour on a local train and we were left out in the middle of winding forest paths, and centuries old farm houses.

The view stepping off of the train. Luckily we arrived a few hours before the rush hour commute…

The area is covered with paths that wind peacefully through the mountains.

We came across a farm house selling cheese. Who could possibly walk buy without buying homemade cheese?

We wandered into the house to find the owner in the middle of making cheese!
We bought a nice big chunk of goat cheese.

What hike would be complete without getting lost. We were prepared to slather ourselves in cheese to keep warm if we could not find our way out.

The cow bells would have also kept us up all night, preventing us from dying a frozen death…
In the end we found our way back to a quaint Swiss town and were able to enjoy our cheese with fresh crusty bread and glasses of red wine. We were lucky to make it out alive, especially with those murderous cows roaming free in their enclosures.

It was the perfect day, with nice cool weather and a perfect meal to reward all of our hard work. However, the next time I am in Switzerland I am hoping to tackle something a bit steeper.
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3 Responses to “A Short Hike Outside of Geneva”

  1. Toby GouldNo Gravatar says:

    Todd, when Bryan was two years old, we lived on Lake Geneva directly below St. Cergue. Two incidents. With Bryan in a back pack, Merri and I took a ski lift to the top of the mountains above St. Cergue. We thought that we were quite adventurous getting to the top of the Jura range. We walked into the chalet at the top and there was a squad of Swiss soldiers, with full packs and weapons, drinking hot chocolate. They had climbed the mountain we had traversed by ski lift and would go back down the same way.

    Second, we returned to St. Cergue in 1985 with Bryan now 14 and Susan 10. It was June, beautiful weather and we ate asparagus and strawberries until we burst. In the cafe was an older Swiss woman and her little dog. They were both eating strawberries. The dog interested the kids and soon a conversation began. This woman invited us back to her chalet for coffee. From a vantage point overlooking the entire lake and Mt. Blanc in the background, she told us of her husband and their travels around the world. He was a hotelier (obviously Swiss) and was general manager of important hotels in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong, to name the places I remember. When they arrived at each new setting, they would be met by their Rolls Royce which had been shipped ahead. She still was driving the RR. A different way to travel.

    Thanks for the blog, I do enjoy your travels. Best to K.

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Toby, thanks for the nice stories. The area really is beautiful, but so is almost anywhere in Switzerland. I can’t say I found any guns or free coffee on my hike through the mountains, but we did find plenty of cheese and beer :)

      It is really from comments like yours that I keep motivated with the blog. So thanks for stopping by and leaving and thoughtful comment! And Kay says hi back.
      Todd Wassel´s recent [type] ..5 Steps to World Travel and Getting Paid to Do What You Love

  2. Matthew Serventy says:

    I hope you realise that is my map you are getting lost with! You think Ahmed has a map of the mountains ?

    At least it looked sunny for you, I was there in the snow!

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