Where in the World? Stunning Lake

Follow the posts down to the lake. Do you know where you’re going? Update: The winner is David…who guessed, Lake Baikal in Russia! Thanks again to Magda for a beautiful photo. Here’s what she had to say: This photo was taken on the Olkhon Island on the Lake Baikal in Russia. Lake Baikal is world’s oldest and deepest lake as well as the largest source of fresh water on the planet. Olkhon is the largest island on the lake and for centuries the local people have believed it to be a spiritual place. Shamanism is a very strong cult on the island up to this day. Olkhon is not only mysterious but also a very beautiful place. David gets the prize this week. So check out his great blog Ogijima that is all about the beautiful islands in Japan’s Inland Sea. Personally, I love this area of Japan. Welcome to the weekly Read full article…

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