New Zealand

Beautiful places to visit in the North of New Zealand

This is a guest post by Craig Martin and is a part of the Blog4 New Zealand campaign to raise awareness that after the Christ Church Earthquake it is perfectly safe to visit New Zealand. In fact your tourism will help them to rebuild and keep people employed! There are plenty of places to explore while you travel through New Zealand. Here are five of my favourite spots to stop and spend some time. Auckland The country’s largest city, and likely the city you fly into. Auckland is cosmopolitan but it is spread out over countless suburbs. Make sure you explore further than the central city – heading out towards Mission Bay for coffee and gelato on the beach, or the Waitakere Ranges for instant escape from the city into a series of forests and reserves. Matakana A weekend escape for many Aucklanders, Matakana is home to amazing farmers markets, Read full article…

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