Diving in the Maldives…for “cheap”

“You’re going to Maldives? I’m so jealous!” Pride radiated from my blessed face as I was fawned over by hundreds (OK a few) friends as I discussed my plans. “Which resort are you staying at? Or are you going on a safari boat again?” I was untouchable as rapture and envy captivated my audience. The crowed hushed and shushed as it was clear I was about to speak. “I’m staying at the Holiday Inn.” Silence. Brains worked hard to grasp the shift in reality. I love shocking people with my travel plans, usually to war torn countries, but the Holiday Inn has so far received the greatest reaction…or maybe disappointment. Most people would rather stay in one of the lavish resorts or even use Maldives timeshare resorts, but I wanted to try something different. After a fresh dose of explanation and cajoling everyone finally agreed that a) it’s one of Read full article…

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