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One Response to “Advertise-PR”

  1. Manda FooNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Todd,

    I’m writing to introduce my company, Roomorama, to you, and to suggest that you try us out sometime.

    Roomorama is a website that deals with short-term accommodation rentals, successfully established in North America and Europe and expanding into Asia Pacific. We are an online marketplace that connects homeowners / property managers with travellers who are looking for a place to stay out of the tourist bubble, be it nightly, weekly or monthly. Our website is widely used by discerning travellers who want to experience the sub-cultures of a city they visit, explore local neighbourhoods and get to know a place and its people beneath the surface. I believe it is in the same spirit that you do what you do with Todd’s Wanderings. It has really good content and we’d love to work with you.

    As you travel and possibly stay in hotels/guesthouses a lot, we’d like to invite you to try us out for a change. We’d be interested in a sponsored post, but I understand that you are highly selective with those and it’s fine if we don’t make the cut. If you are willing to consider us, we are happy to offer a couple of nights in one of our properties in a city of your choice in exchange for a mention. If you prefer cash, we can discuss that too.

    In any case, do keep us in mind for your next trip. Feel free to write to me if I can be of further assistance.

    Thanks for your time – please keep safe travelling.

    Manda Foo
    Marketing and Communications Research Manager – feel at home

    For those worried about handing over cash to a stranger, there’s, which takes credit cards, offers automated booking and is more organized than Craiglist.’ – The New York Times –
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    ‘Putting your own pad up for rent’s a simple process, and there’s no fee for doing so!’ – Thrillist –
    ‘…Roomorama aim(s) to lower the risk (for short-term rentals)’ – USA Today –
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    ‘…if eBay, Facebook and got together one night to make a cyber baby, they would no doubt issue forth a site like’ – The Chicago Tribune -

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