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Recently I wrote about a beautiful hike up Mount Takao in Tokyo. Two of the amazing features of the hike are the Buddhist temple and Shinto shrines along the way. In fact one of the wonderful things about Japan in general is the large number of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines that dot the country along with the hundreds of thousands of statues that live along road sides, in little houses, and in just about every nook and cranny you can think of.

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The hike up to Mt. Takao is filled with religious and everyday statues. The forest is packed with them, either reminding you of Buddhist precepts, celebrating a piece of nature like a waterfall or a large tree, or just being cute and adding to the neighborhood character. A lot of people have written to me since my last post asking for more pictures of the hike. As I like to make people happy, here is a slideshow of the Statues of Mt. Takao. I hope you enjoy.

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16 Responses to “The Statues of Mt Takao”

  1. Mike CollinsNo Gravatar says:

    Truly amazing. I can imagine how peaceful and serene it must be in person.
    Mike Collins´s recent [type] ..Mdina Malta- Timeless Beauty

  2. Wow, Beautiful! Thanks for the amazing photos, enjoyed a lot :)

  3. Creative, clever and informative. Thanks!

  4. ArtiNo Gravatar says:

    Amazing video, I was into it all the way! Many thanks for this:)
    Arti´s recent [type] ..Temples of Uttarkashi – Kashi Vishwanath Temple- Shakti Temple and others

  5. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Great pics Todd.
    I especially love the Tengu. Although I’m confused, you describe them as very enlightened and wise people. I always assumed that they were mean bad-asses.
    Maybe they’re both.
    David´s recent [type] ..Momo’s Game or Victory of the Naked Peach

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey David, thanks. Well I didn’t say they where enlightened, just that they had gained powers to become gods :) Supposedly they are yamabushi who have succeeded in transforming themselves. As you know, in Japan, kami are not all nice and pretty.

  6. beautiful todd! and it’s refreshing to view photos like this instead of scrolling down a page. feels more dynamic! what a gorgeous place too. the buddha statues has such a calming effect on me :)
    Lorna – the roamantics´s recent [type] ..Donating My Hair in Honor of a Friend on Earth Day

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks Lorna. I’m glad you enjoyed the slide show as I’m playing with different ways to get a lot of images across that is more enjoyable to the reader (er viewer?).

  7. JulieNo Gravatar says:

    Beautiful slideshow. I have hiked Mt. Takao myself and these images remind me of the serenity that could be found in Japan. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  8. AnthonyNo Gravatar says:

    Some really beautiful images here Todd. Can’t wait to here more about your up coming book as well ;)
    Anthony´s recent [type] ..Is It Safe To Ride A Motorbike In Vietnam

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