Ancient Bridge over beautiful river

Do you know where this ancient and famous trading bridge lies?


The winner is David…who guessed, Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar was named after the “bridge keepers” who guarded the Stari Bridge (old bridge), which was rebuilt in 2004 after being destroyed in the conflict.

David hasn’t won in a while here but he is back and gets the prize this week. Dave doesn’t have a blog so while I wait for Dave’s choice of links I’m including an APPEAL to Help Japan: My Experience During the Japan Earthquake.


Welcome to the weekly Where in the World? Travel Photo Contest! We have a great list of travel photos and bloggers lined up to challenge your world travel knowledge each and every Friday.

If you’re new or never bothered to actually read what I write, each week I post a beautiful picture (at least I think so) either from a featured travel blog guest (see below for details on how to guest post) or from my own travels and you guess where it is. Due to the popularity of featuring other travel bloggers I plan to hots other peoples’ travels and photos for as long as there is interest (get in touch!).

This week’s photo comes from…ME…yes, I am stepping back into the contest scene.

The first person to guess where this picture was taken (Country, Bridge AND City!) will win a link back to their blog and all the fame and glory associated! Congratulations to Rebecca who won last weeks contest by knowing the South Australian Outback like, well, the back of her hand.

Ff you have bothered to read all the way down here you deserve a hint: film set.

Leave your guess and recent post in the comment section below (comment luv should take care of the second part).

Yes, the prizes heavily favor the blogging and travel geeks amongst us. If you don’t have a website, then leave your favorite website or better yet a charity that deserves attention. Good luck!

Guesses aside, all comments are welcome!

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12 Responses to “Where in the World? Ancient Stone Bridge”

  1. ArtiNo Gravatar says:

    Its a great photo… The surroundings are so serene…
    Arti´s recent blog ..ISKCON Temple- DelhiMy ComLuv Profile

  2. I was too late! Congrats to the winner.. Mostar Bridge it is *sigh*
    Jilianne @ Cotswold Cottages´s recent blog ..KoKo SunsetMy ComLuv Profile

  3. I know where that is! It’s the old bridge in Mostar, Bosnia! It’s crazy that people actually jump from there!

    Too bad I was too late, I saw you already posted the answer.

  4. LaurelNo Gravatar says:

    I have no idea either, but agree it is a beautiful photo.
    Laurel´s recent blog ..Carnival Parade in StuttgartMy ComLuv Profile

  5. Wow, you guys were fast today! And David, you know better than to sleep on the day of Where in the World?! Such a rookie mistake :)

  6. Sorry as i do not know where this stone bridge id located…..And the reason behind my failure is that i have not traveled so many place yet..I am a newbie in traveling..

  7. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Dang! I don’t wake up early enough for your photo contests.
    It’s the Mostar bridge, but three people beat me to it.

    So as a revenge, I’ll bore you with details of my personal life (as well as some preaching). I went to this bridge when I was seven years old. Unforgettable memories. A dozen years later, I saw this bridge being destroyed by the Bosnian war (the one today is a new one that looks like the original one) almost live of TV (as well as the bombing of Dubrovnik).
    It was the first (and so far only, keeping fingers crossed) that a war took place in an area where I had been before, the day I saw war destroying priceless historical things. This is the day the concept of “war” became real to me and I understood its real meaning.
    Sadly, I wish more people had had a similar experience, there would be less warmongers among Westerners (who don’t mind wars, because they always happen in faraway more or less unknown countries… until they don’t anymore).
    David´s recent blog ..Sea-Songs of the SubconsciousMy ComLuv Profile

  8. The photo was taken in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina and is called the Kriva Cuprija which means “Sloping Bridge”
    Michael Figueiredo´s recent blog ..Travel Photo Thursday- Granada StreetlightMy ComLuv Profile

  9. lauraNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, I was going to say Mostar bridge as well but someone beat me to it :)

  10. JadeNo Gravatar says:

    oh, I have no idea- but a gorgeous photo!!

  11. Dave*No Gravatar says:

    Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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