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Tell us who you are and meet other world travelers

We haven’t had a Blog Party (think Block Party without the pony and clowns) here on Todd’s Wanderings for a while so its time to get to know each other better. There is beer further down, keep reading…honest… One of the greatest things about having a blog is being able to connect with so many people around the world. I want to extend the opportunity to you.

So, what is a Blog Party?

That’s a great question! Basically it’s a chance to tell us who you are, what you do, and where we can find you. It’s a way for us to meet each other, discover areas where we connect, learn new perspectives on life, travel, doing good, or whatever.

What you need to do.

Wait! Don’t go, I promise, no heavy lifting. Just introduce yourself with your name, what you like to do in life (ie how you travel, what you’re passionate about, number of piercings…), and any projects you’re working on at the moment. Now for the self-promotion part: leave your blog address and twitter name (use http:// so the link comes through) so that we can all find you again, if you have them that is.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you. Don’t be shy, and feel free to respond to each other in your comments or even post something up on Todd’s Wanderings Facebook Page.

I’ll go first by giving you a peak into what is going on with me at the moment.

1) Still working for the UN doing conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Kosovo;

2) An ebook I have been developing through Lonely Planet (yeah you read that correct) with 40 other travel bloggers is almost ready to launch. Its called “Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers.

3) I’m almost finished with the Hiking Guide to Dragash, Kosovo. It launches in the Spring;

4) My main Travel Book on hiking the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage Japan is 2/3 of the way done…but going slow at the moment while I get the other project finished.

5) I launched a new blog, Travel Blog Challenge. It’s a community experiment to prove if a Travel Blog can bring in a stable online income.

It’s as simple as that, although feel free to skip the list and describe in detail. For the record I used to have two piercings :)

And if you are feeling overly generous I’d love for you to give your feedback on my quick 2 minute survey so that I can help make Todd’s Wanderings even bigger and better. I’d really appreciate hearing what you think of Todd’s Wanderings.

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130 Responses to “Blog Party!”

  1. EllenNo Gravatar says:

    Hey guys! (Find me at twitter: @PicsLyrics)

    I am Ellen. I am a professional photographer, a published travelwriter and a traveler with hands-on experience! I have over 10 years of travel experience which I gained during roaming the earth for long periods of time (from months to 1 year) and many shorter holidays up to 5 weeks.

    After my studies, I took a gap year and went on a working holiday to Australia. I lived in Sydney for 5 months to work in hospitality and I traveled for 5 months throughout the country. I went back, started working and my traveling consisted of many shorter holidays overseas. In 2007 I quit my job to travel in South America for 4 months. Later that year I went back to Australia for 2 months. And in 2009 I stumbled upon an online contest to win a worldtrip. I participated, I put in a lot of effort, and I won! In 2010 I traveled the world for the organisation (Netglobers – real world travel advice) for 6 months! I’ll be going away for a few more soon.

    A bit more:
    I am pure, sincere, open minded, curious, strong, independent, radical, honest, brave, smily, soft, hard, dissaproving, easy going, excited, dreamy, happy, surprised, a free spirit, driven, furious, social, happy, doubtful, cuddly, foolish, sensitive, sweet, loyal, calm, devoted, unlimited.

    My bog aims to help you with your travels, from holidays to extended traveling. Not only can you find inspiration and advice through informative ‘easy to read’ stories. You can also enjoy beautiful professional photography. The two are a golden combination in orientating and deciding where to go.
    It’s not about me on the road, I offer you profound information. It is not only about things to do and see. It is also about background, history, food and more. Because of this, every type of traveler – whether you’re a budget traveler like a backpacker or a traveler who does not need to keep an eye on the budget – can find tons of information and just good fun (also during preparations). The blog is clean, organised and easy to navigate.

    If you don’t get to travel, at least let me take you on a virtual journey because then you can still enjoy the wonderful world of traveling!

    Blog’s categories:
    In the Picture
    Picture This

    Hope to see you there!
    Ellen´s recent [type] ..Cambodia’s Temples of Angkor

  2. robinNo Gravatar says:

    Hi All,

    I blog at – it’s an expat blog that I try to keep interesting and possibly funny as best I can. I also write travel articles for the likes of Matador, The Expeditioner, Literary Traveler, Bootsnall and more and my photography has been featured online and in the and Lonely Planet magazine. includes a daily photoblog which going by traffic stats is a lot more popular than the posts I write (grr).

    I have moved around so much since my early years that I’ve forgotten what travel is and what might distinguish it from any other day, so I’m very grateful for all the support and feedback I’ve been getting from the travel blogging community, including a number of the commenters here.

    I teach English privately which keeps me a) fed and clothed and b) poor, but am doing things on roughly my own terms for the first time in my life. I’m proud of that.

    It is essential that you all immediately follow me on twitter at @RobinJGraham

    That is all.
    robin´s recent [type] ..Fuera

  3. JoNo Gravatar says:

    Yay party time!! Always up for a party.

    Hi I am Jo and quite new on the blogging scene. I started my blog for a way to me to document everything I am getting up to and doing. It is also helping to being on my writing/ grammer etc. If people find it interesting then that is great!

    I am currently living in Bali, lived in Thailand last year. I love trying new sports, activities, being healthy etc. I did Muay thai last year and learning to surf this. Currently I make my money to live through niche blogs, building up my empire so I can do a bit more traveling. Would love to go to Fiji, Polynesia next, so working towards that.

    Any advice, tips etc would be great and would appreciate it if people could like my facebook page :o )

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Jo, where in Bali are you living? I used to live in Timor-leste and was always in Bali surfing and hanging out.

      Could you also send us an example of one of your Niche blogs? I’d love to see what if keeping you traveling!

  4. AllyNo Gravatar says:

    Oops -and my Twitter is!/EatDrinkToronto
    Ally´s recent [type] ..Red Rocket

  5. AllyNo Gravatar says:

    Hello friends. I’ve just moved back to Canada after growing up in Australia. I’ve stared EatDrinkToronto, which reviews Toronto restaurants, bars, and cafes. There’s also the occasional self-indulgent post about living the ex-pat life. My main project at the moment is looking for a job. I’ve got a Masters in Advertising and an undergraduate degree in creative writing, and have worked in corporate communications and freelance writing/editing. Currently I am developing an unhealthy obsession with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so please: save me. Hire me.

  6. Cool party!
    I’m Caz and with hubby Craig, and now daughter Kalyra live and travel around the world. We have been doing it for 14 years and it is the only place that feels like home for us. We are currently at home in Oz deciding which way the wind is set to blow us.
    We love to inspire others to,not just travel, but live their dream lives through We also share many travel stories and tips.
    I am currently also 2/3 of the way through my book on how to travel the world. It also focuses on why you would want to as well. I am looking forward to one day finally completing it.
    You can follow us at
    or join our fan page community
    Great idea Todd. Thanks for hosting the party and bringing us altogether
    Caz Makepeace´s recent [type] ..New York City – Travel Tips by Travelers…

  7. StephanieNo Gravatar says:

    A little about me… I’m Stephanie, and I’m a freelance writer based out of Western Canada (at the foot of the Rockies… home sweet home!).

    Food and travel are my passions, and I recently started up my own blog called Global Dish (was writing for another one called Seared for the past year), and a blog called Food Freeway for Wanderlust and Lipstick. I also write a regular column for a parenting magazine focusing on budget-friendly family fun. As you can see, I do a little bit of everything!

    As my last few trips have been abroad, I plan to explore more of Canada this year. I hope to venture off toward the Maritimes and Vancouver Island this summer, or mosey on over to the Okanagan for the summer. Either way, I just want some sunshine, water, and fresh food – can’t go wrong! :)

    Lastly, I have to say that the whole concept of a blog party is totally new to me, but I think it’s awesome! What a great way to meet other people and find a wide variety of blogs – thanks for the opportunity!

    My site:
    Find me on Wanderlust and Lipstick:
    Twitter: @globaldish
    Stephanie´s recent [type] ..Recipe of the Week from Greenland – New on Food Freeway

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      hi Stephanie, I am super jealous that you are at the foot of the Rockies! I imagine the views are spectacular. I’m loving my own time here in Kosovo and hiking as much as I can.

      I’m really happy the blog party took off! I is great to learn a little bit more about each other.

  8. AmyNo Gravatar says:

    I’m an unschooling mama of two amazing boys, and my husband and I are on the countdown to our Worldschool Adventure. We will be taking our family to Asia and traveling SLOWLY. Setting up house in places that we love and then moving on when we are ready to see something new.

    I blog at I hope to make my blog a resource for other families who are interested in travel and inspire them to take the plunge! You can find me on Twitter @worldschooled

    Love and Light to you all!
    Amy´s recent [type] ..Feeling Groovy

  9. Hi everyone, We’re Andrea and John, a media specialist and engineer who are usually working in other countries or travelling, taking this year off to do the latter full time. One big project Andrea has been working on for the last several years is as one of the founders of Mercy, which is a hangover prevention beverage But now that we’re on the road, we’re pretty much just work on our blog

    @InspirngTrvlrs on Twitter

    Next year we plan to relocate to a new country for work and new experiences. Hoping for the Middle East, but we’ll keep everyone posted! Great to meet you all =)
    Andrea and John´s recent [type] ..Whale watching- Crayfish eating and Star gazing in Kaikoura- New Zealand Part Two

  10. SheryllNo Gravatar says:

    Hi! My name is Sheryll from The Wanderlust Project. Currently living in LA, I’m a 24 year old receptionist waiting to break free of my 9 to 5. Originally planning on traveling to Thailand in August, I’ve had a change of heart and I’m going with my first choice of Argentina.

    I’m a book nerd, wanna be chef, and a hello kitty addict. I had the chance to study abroad in London while I was in college, which has been my biggest trip to date. In the meantime, my boyfriend and I take random road trips or day trips throughout Southern California.

    I’m currently in progress of losing some hefty depression weight I put on. 4 lbs gone, 32 more to go!

    You can find me at and on twitter @wnderlustprojct!
    Sheryll´s recent [type] ..A Very Happy Kanyes-Giving

  11. This IS quite the party! I’m having a great time reading through all the comments and finding some really cool blogs/sites!

    My partner and I are two young digital nomads who live fulltime in an RV and are traveling around the U.S. with our dog. We have a travel blog that chronicles our adventures (like the one time our black tank overflowed and poured feces off the roof) and all the cool places we’ve visited. We also write more in-depth guides on RVing (like what it costs to live in a motorhome fulltime).

    It’s nice to “meet” you all! :)

    Christy @ Technosyncratic´s recent [type] ..RV Travel with Pets

  12. AudreyNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, I’m Audrey
    I am currently unemployed, which has it’s pros and cons. More time to work on my site, but no extra money to travel. My previous jobs ranged from Pharmacy Tech to Photolab printer.

    All my traveling is done with my husband. We have no set type of style, we bounce around from staying in hostels to treating ourselves to boutique spa hotels. Our biggest travel experience to date is a 15 month RTW trip to several continents and countries. We both lived most of our life on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, an although I miss the ocean terribly our new home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is pretty spectacular. We are located on the edge of Banff National Park.

    When I am not glued to my computer you can find me out with a camera hanging around my neck. I am taking full advantage of being able to walk out my front door and experience the mountain scenery and wildlife.

    Nose and ear piercings
    Back tattoo and definitely craving some more ink

    Audrey´s recent [type] ..Three Pagodas Of Chongsheng Temple

  13. JillianNo Gravatar says:

    Haven’t been to a block party in ages. Where’s the pony ride?

    We’re Jillian and Danny from IShouldLogOff. We quit it, sold it or left it back in March 2009 when we started our RTW trip. Now more than 20 months and 50 countries later we’re back and trying to make sense of this normalcy! We write about the things we love: adventure travel, adventure sports and independent travel. Our favorite RTW adventures were overlanding Africa and crossing the Old Silk Road. There’s still a lot on our bucket list though, so we’re not done yet. You can check out our blog or facebook page for all our tweets, posts and pictures.

    We also blog a lot about budget travel and tracking your spending. That’s lead to a new venture for us, DoughHound, which we launched in January. It’s keeping us busy, but we like it that way.

  14. Hey… I’m Scott, full-time online freelance writer. I write about music and travel, two niches that rarely overlap, but somehow I make it work.

    I took a van trip through 46 states two years ago and now I’m blogging at I mostly write about U.S. travel since that’s my area of interest and expertise. I visit random places and write about local attractions.

    I’m on twitter at!/quirkytravelguy. I’m just starting to get to know the travel blogging community so I hope to connect with all of you online!
    Scott – Quirky Travel Guy´s recent [type] ..February links- Mesopotamia vs Mississippi

  15. AdamNo Gravatar says:

    Good stuff, Todd, glad to read so much more about many people I regularly follow and read.

    I’m Adam, I’m 32 years old and live in St. Louis. My wife and I went on a year long RTW in 08-09 and are now trying to figure out what we really want to do with our lives. We love to travel, I love to write, we are both into photography. I run the travel site http://www.worldtravelforcouples and I also do some freelance work for

    I love hiking and biking, and I hope to complete the MS150 in the fall, which is a 2 day, 150 mile bike ride in Missouri to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I also love food, all things food, and I write about it often in regards to our travels.

    Here’s where you can find me:
    Twitter: @aseper
    Adam´s recent [type] ..Making the Decision- Why We Went on a RTW Trip

  16. GraceNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Todd, awesome party!

    I’m Grace and most days I can be found in a cubicle in sunny San Diego working in talent acquisition for an e-commerce company. I just moved from LA where I was working with Disney. Like everyone here I am very passionate about traveling and writing. I have also been fortunate enough to live and work abroad. When I’m not traveling, I am a serial hobbyist and I have gotten into a number of things from scuba diving, krav maga, motorbiking, cooking, painting etc. It’s all part of my grand scheme to claim the title of “First Filipina to Travel the World Solo” =) Honestly, I rarely meet fellow solo Filipino travelers on the road and I want the world to know we are out there!

    No tattoos, just ear piercings.

    Next travel destination: Visiting home- The Philippines and possibly Cambodia.

    You’ll find me at twitter:grachececilio facebook page:
    Grace´s recent [type] ..Tsibog- Pork in the US is Anorexic

  17. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah! Partey!
    So I’m David, I’m French, I’m older than I look (I just turned 38, two weeks ago, but I still think I’m 30).
    When I was younger I wanted to live in about 20 countries, possibly on every continent (in other words, I should have gotten Todd’s job), so far I’ve lived only in two of each, but hopefully I’ll manage to move to Japan at some point.

    My blog, Ogijima is about Japan (there’s also a French version), especially the island of Shikoku (this is how I ended on Todd’s blog a few months ago), and even if I haven’t traveled that much in recent years, I’m always ready to go somewhere new. I’m on Twitter and Facebook too.

    Apart from that, I love literature, cinema, history, mixology, sociology and all of those humanities things. I recently quit the best job I’ve ever had and Paris (I always write that part for shock value) to try something new (I’m still looking for that something, I have a few plans though).

    I have no piercing and no tattoo. I always wanted to get a tattoo, but what I want changes every six months, so I take that as a sign to not get one.
    David´s recent [type] ..Japan- circa 1707

  18. Jim McIntoshNo Gravatar says:

    Hi guys, I’m a shoemaker, having operated our own wee custom design and surgical shoemaking business since I walked out of a corporate management career 30 odd years ago. Travelling started soon after we married, and the freedom of having our own business has allowed us to travel every year since.
    Shoemaker & Travel Blogger

    Blogging at-
    Twitter –!/nevjmc
    Digg –
    Stumble –
    Moderator –
    Yeah, you’ll find me on Gap Adventures travel forum helping others enjoy their travels. I am thrilled to see so many people out there travelling and blogging. There’s a great future that can be developed with so many socially and environmentally aware bloggers networking together. We’ve just seen the evidence with social media, Facebook and Twitter helping to bring about change in Egypt, and now raising the aspirations of those in other countries. You’re in exciting times, and where travel blogging can develop is in your hands.
    Got this thread bookmarked as there’s a lot here I want to follow.

  19. The NVR GuysNo Gravatar says:

    BLOG PARTY! WOOT! WOOT! Where is Ayngelina with the Pisco Sours?

    Names: Kent and Caanan (The NVR Guys)

    What do we do for work: Virtual HR consultants (location independent so we can travel deliriously).

    What are we passionate about: Giving back and maximizing life. We are extremely fortunate to have so much – including one another – that it is our responsibility to expand opportunity and speak up for those who don’t have a voice. Additionally, we are committed to not squelching all of this opportunity afforded us by living unfulfilling lives.

    What do we do for fun: We’ll, we’ve worked hard to craft a No Vacation required life, so our entire life is fun (yes, even work, for the most part). We travel between a 1/3 and 1/2 of the year, so we get to explore the world together, which makes our lives even richer.

    What are we into: We actually have a blog page dedicated to just this:

    Twitter: @nvrguys
    The NVR Guys´s recent [type] ..Snap Travelogue – San Francisco

  20. Hi,
    I wrote for a mid market newspaper for over twenty years, covering fashion and interior design. I love to write and am enjoying learning photography. Two years ago I decided to combine those passions with a zest for travel in a travel blog called

    I’m having a wonderful time, enjoying sharing my experiences as I see as much of the world as I am able.

    Please join me along the way.

  21. GiuliaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, I’m Giulia, I’m Italian and I’m 27. I always traveled a lot but last year I decided to have a RTW trip (a slow one, it can also take forever, no rush) – now I am in Cairo, Egypt and I will be there for 3 more months.
    I have a blog at , I recently started a vlog (but I need a good video cam!) at and I am also very into travel photography – I am working in a travel reportage photography studio in Cairo, with 2 professional photographers. My photos are on my website too :)
    My Twitter account is at!/giuliaccia … what else? I think my life is pretty much this for now! When I travel I always find a job abroad to pay my living there. Next move will probably be South America (Peru and Chile as a start)… Follow me! :)
    Piercings: 1 (navel) – Tattoos: no one for now, but probably I’ll get one about Egypt and #jan25 experience :)
    Giulia´s recent [type] ..Travel reportage of a Sister City- Seoul- Korea – by Juno

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Giulia, great to learn a bit more about you. It must have been quite amazing to have been in Egypt during this momentous time! I totally agree about the getting a job in each place you go.

  22. LaurelNo Gravatar says:

    Great idea Todd, it’s nice to get to know the people behind the blogs a bit better.
    I’m a Canadian expat living in Germany, most likely indefinitely. I’ve also lived in S. Korea, Thailand and the U.S. I am an avid scuba diver and love to go where the big fish (i.e. sharks) are. I also love hiking and am up for pretty much of any kind of adventure. I quite my management job at a university when I moved to Germany and now study German full time with the goal of becoming fluent, teach online courses for a university in Canada and am working on my travel writing career. My blog is Expat in Germany:
    Twitter: ExpatGermany
    Laurel´s recent [type] ..Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

  23. I’ve had a passion for traveling since I was a kid traveling with my family and I’ve always loved to write. In my blog, I write about my travel experiences and what made them special for me. I hope that my stories and photos inspire people to travel, consider a new idea or bring back good memories of their own travels. The site is evolving to include guest posts and some other features.

    My travel plans for 2011 are still unscheduled, but I’m hoping for several trips in the U.S., Europe and maybe my 1st trip to Asia.

    Piercings? Only in my earlobes, sorry to say.

    Thanks for letting me link here!

    Blog –
    Facebook –
    Twitter –
    Cathy Sweeney´s recent [type] ..Family- Friends and Snoopy

  24. Kimbra HenryNo Gravatar says:

    Twitter: JadeTvl_Kimbra
    Facebook: Jade Travel

    Reading everyone’s stories, it seems my life is far less glamorous! Little or no piercings, not writing any books, and I’ve always lived in the heart of the USA. I have been in this industry for 26 years. I worked for Midway Airlines in Chicago and have serve as Manager for a well-known full-service travel ageny for most of my career. We are trying to integrate SOCIAL MEDIA into our daily routine, but I must admit this is all very new to me.
    My blog is about industry updates, and hopefully encouraging the use of a travel agent.
    In my job, I wear many hats: human resources, business development. web design, advertising, customer relations, accounting, technology and other bottle washing duties.
    Our agency forte’ is international travel, with much success with groups.

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Kimbra, glad your here and there are no less than glamorous lives! My life was certainly NOT glamorous when I had dengue fever :) I’d love to hear more about how the travel industry is doing and how your efforts are going with social media.

      • Kimbra HenryNo Gravatar says:

        Hi Todd! Thanks for responding. You must have the coolest job ever. (I’ll pass on the dengue fever-BTW) The travel industry has certainly changed tremendously for those of us on the front lines. I’m proud to be with a forward thinking company that has always managed to stay a few steps ahead. To sum up today’s agency:
        We are sales people, rather than order takers.
        We have to be very knowledgeable about the destinations/products we sell.
        We determine what our profit will be on what we sell, rather than suppliers deciding for us. We are determined. The next year will bring about more changes in distribution, but we’re up for it. The main thing is to keep people TRAVELING. My best to you all.

  25. KellyNo Gravatar says:

    Todd his is awesome! I’m Kelly, I am originally from Hawaii but now live in Tucson, Arizona. Next month I’m off to Thailand to write a guidebook for a company I started called Go! Girl Guides, that specializes in making travel guidebooks just for women, volunteers and solo adventurers.

    I have 5 very large tattoos, 3 active piercings (and countless come and gone), and a chihuahua named Bella.

    I run Travel Bug Juice:
    and Go! Girl Guides:

    I will go through and follow you all on FB and Twitter– you can follow us at or


  26. Great idea! It’s fun to get to know a little about bloggers who I interact with often on Twitter.

    We are Scott and Christy, two surfers and photographers riding waves around the world. We both work office jobs at the moment, but still find plenty of time to travel. We hope to inspire others to do the same, as well as share travel and photography tips on our site.

    We are embarking on a long-term adventure at the beginning of 2012 with South America as our starting point.

    You can follow our adventures at
    Facebook fan page:
    Christy @ Ordinary Traveler´s recent [type] ..Photo of the Week- Light at the End of a Prison Cell

  27. Hi I’m Anna, I’m a doctor by graduation now taking a break with no date to end and have recently taken of to travel the globe.
    I’ve also just started a vlog project to share some travel experiences through vídeo too.
    I like hiking anywhere possible and enjoy travelling solo although am very keen to meet cool people along the way!
    I joined the TBC too even though I’m far far from the 200 yet, a long way to go I guess…
    Just for the record: 1piercing and 1 tattoo :o )
    Anna Luiza Rech´s recent [type] ..Photo Friday 3-Convento de Santa Teresa in Cochabamba

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Anna, don’t worry about the visit numbers! We are just happy to have you on the TBC :) I love the vlog project and think it’s a great medium for a travel site. If you like hiking come and visit us in Kosovo. There are some fantastic mountains.

  28. Hi Todd,
    It’s great to learn a little more about you :)
    My name is Michael Figueiredo and for my day job, I work in television post production in Los Angeles. However, traveling is my real passion. I started my travel blog, last summer as a medium to share my personal perspectives on destinations, exhibit my photography, and offer valuable travel tips from my adventures around the world. I’m hoping to go to Cuba later this year and then to Southeast Asia next year. My twitter name is @struxtravel and my facebook fan page is . Thanks and happy travels!
    Michael Figueiredo (StruxTravel)´s recent [type] ..Chugging Down Memory Lane- Traveling By Train In California

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Michael, I thought I had already laid my soul bare on my travel blog, but maybe I have not talked much about my personal life at all :)

      I love your blog and keep up the great work.

  29. How fun! There are some great people on here we don’t follow yet so looking forward to connecting with more bloggers!

    Here’s some info:

    I’m a CA expat now living in Taiwan w/my hubby who was relocated from the States to the Netherlands and now to Taiwan for work. I am working full-time as a freelance writer (thankfully escaping my evil career in litigation). We met through a non-dating travel site called TravBuddy, which is one of the sites I officially blog for now ironically.

    We travel a lot — whether short weekend trips or extended 6 week trips like I’m on now. We’ve been to over 40 countries so far and hope we can hit a few new ones this year, besides our regular ventures to places like Japan and Hong Kong. We love culinary travel (the basis for our main travel blog). I used to live in Northern CA wine country (sigh) and even worked for a winery part-time in hopes of learning how to make my own wine someday.

    I’m a big Disney fanatic (two tattoos included) and I’ve got my husband Brett hooked on scuba diving so many of our upcoming travels are dive related.

    Right now, our main travel blog is about culinary travel:

    Our Tasty Travels:
    Blog Twitter:
    My Twitter: Erin http://poohstraveler and Brett

    I also have a Disney Theme Parks travel blog:

    Poohs Travels:

    We are about to get our “main” travel blog finally off the ground — which will have an emphasis on travel photography and providing tips and inspiration to those who think they can’t travel if they have a career.

    We’re still fairly “newbies” with our own blogs, so we appreciate the new connections we might make here!
    Erin De Santiago´s recent [type] ..One Michelin-star Mandarin Grill Bar at Mandarin Oriental- Hong Kong

  30. Mike CollinsNo Gravatar says:

    Hi All,

    I am a medical school dropout who used his tuition money to buy an old sailboat and sail around the world.

    I raised 3 kids at sea before I started over again on land 20 years later. Then again… oops

    I write fiction and freelance non-fiction. ( allergic to anything remotely like a real job)

    My travel blog is Exotic Visitors

    You can check out my Facebook Fan Page if you get a second.

    Loving Todd’s Travel Blog Challenge
    Mike Collins´s recent [type] ..An Impromptu Flight to Tenerife

  31. AllieNo Gravatar says:

    Hi – my name is Allie. I’m currently a senior in college studying public health and preparing to go to graduate school for my master’s degree next year. I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, I’ve been all over Europe, I’ve spent extended time in Israel, and I have big travel plans for the future.

    My blog:
    Twitter: @_allielujah

    Allie´s recent [type] ..guilty until proven innocent

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Allie, thanks for stopping by and telling us about yourself. I really need to make it to both Denmark and Israel…just need to find the time.

  32. JeremyNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a Chemical Engineer who was off on a trip around the world but cut it off short to come home and get married (aww). Now living in Pennsylvania and planning our wedding and upcoming RTW trip in 2013 (plus more adventures until then).

    -I’m writing a travel related book that I hope to have done by mid-July, although the job search and other blogs are eating into the time that I can put into that

    -I’m working on an e-book for Photo Roulette that should be pretty neat!

    -I have zero piercings but want a tattoo.

    -I run four blogs, although two are inherently slow moving, and one is not travel themed. But they are:

    (fourth is not unveiled yet).

    and I’m on Twitter at
    Jeremy´s recent [type] ..The Best Dorm in the World – Hotel Rendezvous in Hanoi- Vietnam

  33. Fun, a party.
    We’re Karen & Eric, better known as the Trans-Americas Journey. Check us out: our home page and our blog. We’ve spent a good chunk of our lives traveling and we decided to make it our lives and our careers. We gave up life in NYC and hit the road in 2006.

    We’re a journalist and a photographer on an overland (driving), working road trip of the Americas…think all 23 countries in North, Central & South America, from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego and back again – the Trans-Americas Journey! We document our travels on our blog, but we also publish stories in major newspapers and magazines in the US and Canada.

    However, We don’t go anywhere very quickly. We’re slow, deliberate, thorough and easily distracted. Hey, we don’t like to miss anything. We just hit 4 years on the road and we’re only on our 5th country (US, Canada, Mexico, Belize & Guatemala). Yep, still a very long way to go even though we already managed to drive 125,000 miles covering just these areas.

    Come friend us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter

    We’re also a part of the ebook project Todd mentioned (and has workes SO hard on) “Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers”

    Thanks for all your hard work Todd. Don’t miss Todd’s new blog Travel Blog Challenge if your looking for ways to improve your site.
    Trans-Americas Journey
    Trans-Americas Journey´s recent [type] ..Comida Muy Rica – Puebla- Mexico

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Eric, you guys brought the beers right? Thanks for the TBC shout out as well, but of course Everyone should run over an check out your great site as well!

  34. I left off my Facebook Page:

    Do give your LIKES :)
    Rosemarie John´s recent [type] ..5 Tips to Help You Conquer Culture Shock

  35. oops…sorry Todd, got an error the first time…please delete this version…thanks!
    Gillian @OneGiantStep´s recent [type] ..Remember That Time- We Realized We Would Never Make It As Drug Mules

  36. DeniseNo Gravatar says:

    Well my name is Denise Pulis. I am a Maltese girl living and working in Switzerland, but wanting to move somewhere like Japan or Australia. At the moment, I am making the move from wordpress to self hosted website, and redefining a little bit the concept of my blog. Likes on the fb page for my new website would be appreciated, though remember that the website has not been set up yet. Click here for the ‘like’:!/pages/The-Art-of-Slow-Travel/189802914385162

    Oh, and btw, here in Switzerland I manage to somehow make a living by having three jobs: English teacher/babysitter/daycare supervisor.

    Current website:
    Twitter: tigris330
    Denise´s recent [type] ..7 Things to do in Istanbul – Make a Wish

  37. My name is Gillian and I write at about our recent one year RTW trip; the planning, the traveling, the coming home and the future challenges I have set for myself. I believe we are all only OneGiantStep away from realizing our dreams…we just have to take that first step in the right direction!

    My projects this year are to work on making the blog bigger, create a newsletter of sorts, and to really start to reach out to those travelers that think they can’t do it. I am here to show how a plain vanilla, no piercings, no tattoos, not-so-young girl did it…and so can you!!

    twitter: @OneGiantStep
    Gillian @OneGiantStep´s recent [type] ..Remember That Time- We Realized We Would Never Make It As Drug Mules

  38. I’m Rosemarie John and I am an Aerospace & Defence Journalist. The defence bit has toned down since moving to the Indonesian Isles. I wrote for Asian Airline & Airports and for Asian Defence & Diplomacy.

    Now I freelance for various airlines and aerospace organizations from time to time while I juggle my relatively new blog on travel, food and culture.

    I am still trying to figure out many things about blogging and I’m learning every day! It has got to the level where I seem to be more invested in my blog than any other form of writing lolz. But since my blog does not earn an income I have to sometimes remind myself of taking on my aviation projects.

    I normally travel 3 times a year if I’m lucky and the first trip of the year is back to Bali next month. I look forward to posting more travel articles on my site. I recently got invited to guest post on Michela’s blog entitled Rocky Travel and that has been the highlight of my week! I just can’t wait to have a beautifully designed blog like yours, Todd :)

    I have 5 piercings but still too chicken to get a tattoo! I don’t understand why myself! Its really nice to meet you all!

    Do any of you use a Blackberry? Add me on BB chat! My pin is 238E14C6

    My blog:
    My twitter @GypsyScribbles :

    I will take your Survey tomorrow as I’m writing this from my Blackberry and the screen is too small to view the survey properly. :)
    Rosemarie John´s recent [type] ..5 Tips to Help You Conquer Culture Shock

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for the nice words on my blog! Of course I spend way too much time on it as well (we are all artists after all)…I’m ignoring my wife at the moment…shhhhhh. There are still so many more things that I want to do with my blog, but one step at a time. I am so grateful that you have all stopped by!

  39. Hello Todd!
    I see some of my wonderful friends here (Hi Roxanne!) , so happy to join the party!

    So, here’s my info:
    My son Miro and I are blog and podcast at

    Here’s our info:
    Miro and Lainie (mother 44 and 11 year old son) share their adventures from the Road of Life, discussing issues of humanity, global citizenship, slow travel and living in the moment as they backpack through the world.

    Lainie and her son Miro began their open ended adventure in 2009, starting in Central and South America. They are slow traveling around the globe allowing inspiration be their compass. The pair is most interested in exploring different cultures, contributing by serving and connecting with humanity as ‘global citizens’.

    They invite you to travel along with them, share their experiences, on the Road of Life.

    My twitter is:
    and our facebook fan page is: http://
    Lainie liberti´s recent [type] ..A Single Mom And Child Packing List For An Extended Trip

  40. Jon MageeNo Gravatar says:

    The links I gave for my facebook pages seemed a bit of, so I am repeating what I put again, redoing the links.

    My name is Jon Magee, currently a Baptist Minister in Scotland. However, as my dad was in the Royal Air Force, and I followed in his footsteps for 10 years my 1st 30 years of life were very nomadic, neve having lived anywhere from birth till them more than 3 years maximum, and many places less than that. By the time I had finished schooling I had studied in 14 different schools.

    My writing experience reflects that nomadic life, and now have 2 published books and moe on the way. The 1st published book, “From Barren Rocks to Living Stones”, tells of life in Aden, Yemen, during the conflict of the 1960′s, and the British evacuation in 1967. Yemen is once again featurin in the news, but for me it is more than a news item but a place I lived my teenage years.!/pages/From-Barren-Rocks-to-Living-Stones/283465875540?v=info

    My 2nd published book, “Paradise Island, Heavenly Journey”, features Singapore in the 1950′s, and a generation that was seeking to come toterms with the aftermath of the war and the occupation. Once again, a place that I have lived in.

    The facebook page for this book can be found at!/pages/Paradise-Island-Heavenly-Journey/133686193356313?v=info

    Oh, and one more thing, I am sorry the link to the survey did not work fo me, I will try it again later

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Jon, welcome and great job with the books, they sound really interesting. My Dad flew fight planes in the Navy, but mostly I was just dragged around the US from base to base while he got to spend half of every year on an aircraft carrier.

      • Jon MageeNo Gravatar says:

        Thank you for the welcome. Good to find you here, but not sure what happened with those links I gave you. Tried twice and both times it went wrong. There are 2 alternatives it seems. One is to copy and paste what I have given rather than just clicking on what is supposed to be the link. The other is if you get into facebook to type in the name of the books and search that way.

        Back on topic, there are so many positive advantages of living in a global village. (I wish facebook would allow me to use that expresion as to where I am from). Moving in the way we did has meant that we have been living in the main points of late 20th century history, and hat a wealth of material that gives to a writer.

  41. Thanks for the party invite Todd. ;-) Great to “meet” everybody!

    1 — I’m a corporate marketing manager :-/, but want to do independent marketing consulting for DMOs and CVBs and get back into education reform activities. Stay tuned….

    2 — Working on travel to 30 countries by 30 (14 months and 15 countries to go)!

    3 — I won the Wyndham Women on Their Way Local Nation Contest and won some cool prizes too!

    4 — I’m moving (temporarily) to Los Angeles from Atlanta for a change of scenery. Cross country road trip, woot!

    5 — 6 piercings (4 remain and one more on the way), 4 tattoos

    Twitter: AbsoluteADT
    Blog: Absolute Travel Addict

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hey April, you better get moving on those 15 countries! Just come to Europe and drive for a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll hit your target :)

      Oh, and I lied, it was not 2 but 3 piercings…but only 1 tattoo :)
      Todd Wassel´s recent [type] ..Steamy Mountains- Friday Travel Photo Contest

    • DavidNo Gravatar says:

      Todd’s right, you definitely need to come to Europe. You could do three or even four countries in a day (sure, it’s not the best way to learn about those countries, and forget about the passport stamps if you’re into collecting those). I think, the most I’ve done was five in a week (twice)
      David´s recent [type] ..Japan- circa 1707

      • Yeah the last trip was to Europe (Portugal, France, Spain). I’m back at the end of March (thanks to that amazing Delta sale) and will be going to Denmark and Sweden. I have almost enough Delta Sky miles for a RTW ticket that I want to do for the end of the year. If it weren’t for my 9-5 I’d be working on a 40 by 30 goal…..le sigh.
        April Thompson´s recent [type] ..A Woman on My Way — The Prizes

  42. Jon MageeNo Gravatar says:

    My name is Jon Magee, currently a Baptist Minister in Scotland. However, as my dad was in the Royal Air Force, and I followed in his footsteps for 10 years my 1st 30 years of life were very nomadic, neve having lived anywhere from birth till them more than 3 years maximum, and many places less than that. By the time I had finished schooling I had studied in 14 different schools.

    My writing experience reflects that nomadic life, and now have 2 published books and moe on the way. The 1st published book, “From Barren Rocks to Living Stones”, tells of life in Aden, Yemen, during the conflict of the 1960′s, and the British evacuation in 1967. Yemen is once again featurin in the news, but for me it is more than a news item but a place I lived my teenage years.

    My facebook page for that book is!/pages/From-Barren-Rocks-to-Living-Stones/283465875540?v=info

    My 2nd published book, “Paradise Island, Heavenly Journey”, features Singapore in the 1950′s, and a generation that was seeking to come toterms with the aftermath of the war and the occupation. Once again, a place that I have lived in.

    The facebook page for this book can be found at!/pages/Paradise-Island-Heavenly-Journey/133686193356313?v=info

    Oh, and one more thing, I am sorry the link to the survey did not work fo me, I will try it again later.

  43. ChloeNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, I’m Chloe – I’m a 26 year old Australian expat, currently living in Edinburgh after spending a bit over 2 months traveling around the US, Canada, Iceland and the UK.
    I work in SEO, and spend my evenings writing – about travel for my blog, my book, or helping friends with their website content. It’s a labour of love ;)
    My last big trip was just before I arrived in the UK, where I blogged about how I arrived in Vancouver and slowly made my way down the west coast of the USA (Seattle, Olympic Peninsula, Portland, San Francisco, LA, Vegas), before flying across to the east coast to New York, then Toronto and Niagara. I then made my way to Reykjavik in the midst of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption (interesting times), and spent a few days wandering around in Iceland before arriving in London, relatively hassle-free.

    Oh, and for the record, I have my ears pierced 5 times and my bellybutton too :) Hehe

    My blog is Camping in Heels
    My Twitter is @Campinginheels

    Come and say hi :) I don’t bite!
    Chloe´s recent [type] ..Madrid – it’s a bit of a hole- actually

  44. RoxanneNo Gravatar says:

    Wonderful idea, Todd, and thank you for the forum through which to do this. I just completed your survey and will introduce myself:

    I work with women affected by conflict worldwide, in affiliation with the UN, international NGOs and community-based organizations. My local partner and the projects differ from location to location; this journey has brought me from working with the UN and parliamentarians in Egypt to ex-combatants in Colombia, IDPs in Uganda and microcredit recipients in Guatemala. Now living in a deserty patch of land in the Middle East, seeking to find beauty in life here and to integrate storytelling through writing and photography more concretely into my conflict resolution/gender-related development endeavors.

    Twitter: @rkrystalli
    Roxanne´s recent [type] ..Chasing anemones and penmanship

    • ToddNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for taking the Survey! I know they can be boring at times but the information will really help me share my phase here on Todd’s Wanderings.

      Also, thank your for all the wonderful work you are doing. It would be great to hear more about how you are integrating story telling into conflict res!

    • KelsiNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Roxanne, I just read a few of your blog posts and so appreciated them. You have a gift for communicating the emotions of conflict with words. Please keep writing. I look forward to reading more.

  45. Hi, I’m Nicolas, about to enter my 29th spring and I’m working as an IT consultant in a company that produces foam (yes I know, but it’s more exciting than it souds).
    I’m the proud owner of, my personal blog themed around travel and photography. As you may have guessed, traveling and photography are my biggest passions and consume a lot of my free time. Not just the actions but also reading about it, participating in forums, writing about myself in the comments of travel blogs. You know what I mean.
    Further am I quite a heavy reader, both fiction and non fiction.
    I live in Belgium and when I’m not here you have the best chance on finding me roaming the Balkans or Central America.

    Nice to meet you!
    twitter: @Waldorf27
    Nicolas De Corte´s recent [type] ..Story behind the photo- Budapest Chain Bridge

  46. Dave and DebNo Gravatar says:

    We’re Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD an adventure travel couple that searches for exciting and unique ways to travel in a country. From studying Muay Thai in Thailand, Cycling the continent of Africa, Diving our way through Central America and practicing yoga in India, we like to travel with adventure and sports in mind.
    We’re heading to The World’s adventure capital tomorrow where we will spend 5 weeks taking part in heart pounding thrills around New Zealand. After that we are tackling the Mongol Rally with two other bloggers Sherry Ott from OttsWorld and RickGriffin of MidLifeRoadTrip. It’s a 15,000 km journey 1/3 of the way around the world in a vehicle that will be donated at the end of the trip to Mongolia.
    We are always looking for something epic in our travels that pushes our minds and bodies to the limits. Todd’s 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage is something that definitely intrigues us and may be on the list for future travels.
    Oh yeah, we’re also a part of that Lonely Planet eBook with Todd and looking forward to the launch.
    Dave and Deb´s recent [type] ..Mongol Rally and the Visa Machine

  47. KelsiNo Gravatar says:

    Hi I’m Kelsi. I’m currently finishing up my Peace Corps service in Thailand (3 weeks left!) and am planning a trip to India when I finish. I like to write about my day to day experiences living abroad. I love slow travel and focusing on experiences more than check lists. I studied education in school and I’m passionate about children’s literacy. Also, I’m kind of a book nerd myself. ;)

  48. Andrew HallNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a film programmer by day (or, actually, mostly by night). I’ve programmed international film series for UCLA, screened world cinema submissions for Sundance, lectured on the video-game as found-footage source at the International Festival of Computer Arts in Slovenia, and currently co-curate the Festival of (In)appropriation.

    I take extended backpacking trips whenever I can, including over 4 months in SE Asia, 3 months in South America, and most recently a month in Eastern Europe. I incorporate my own travel experiences into my blog whenever relevant, but its focus is on responding to major feature travel articles in the mainstream media with affordable alternatives to their discouragingly pricey (and escapist) recommendations. Just wrapped up a 41-day, destination-by-destination response to The 41 Places to Go in 2011 from the New York Times. Next source of inspiration is TBD…
    Andrew Hall´s recent [type] ..Okinawa- Japan

  49. nithyaNo Gravatar says:

    Some things about me: i am currently waiting for my visa so i can move to work as an HR consultant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am originally from Canada and have lived in Spain and India. I have just started up a website that focuses on travel and expat stories of the 20 something female traveler.

    Nice to meet you all!
    twitter: @LifeOutofaSuitc
    nithya´s recent [type] ..Coming Soon!!

  50. I’m an independant IT security consultant but now that I have kids I do mostly local work and don’t get much business travel anymore.

    Outside of daytime work I’m currently planning for upcoming trips to Hong Kong and London. As a food traveller, I like to find out where the locals eat so I do a lot of food research. I’m also a techie so I make sure that I’ve got good smartphone and laptop connectivity.

    I treat my blog as a personal journal as well as a place to share all of the planning and research that I do in hopes that someone out there might find it useful.

    Piercings: 0 (boring)

    Twitter: @avgtraveller
    Average Traveller´s recent [type] ..Hong Kong Foodie 5- Gastronomous Anonymous

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