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Christmas themed cookies...Yum!

This post is by Kay, who writes the K’s Kitchen section of Todd’s Wanderings. She also happens to be Todd’s lovely wife!

Time is flying! Christmas is just around the corner now. Like last year, my friend Laura and I decided to have a Christmas baking session with another friend of ours, Jasmin. Let me tell you how we started this baking session last year. We went to the Danish Military Camp in Mitrovica (northern part of Kosovo) for a Sunday Brunch sometime early December last year and found an advertisement for soldiers on Danish Christmas baking sessions at the cafeteria. I found it such a great idea that they offer this opportunity for soldiers so that they can feel Christmas!

We were really jealous (as we were not eligible to join them) and decided to have our own. Last year, I baked gingerbread men cookies and Laura baked Peppernuts. This year, I decided to bake Christmas wreath cookies from my mom’s recipe and Laura and Jasmin decided to stick to their nostalgic Danish peppernuts. Both of them were born in Denmark and moved around the world during their teenage years and have the love and passion for Denmark! It was a lot of fun to bake with them with Danish Christmas music playing in the background!

If you have not prepared for Christmas, you still have time to bake. Try both of these cookies out!! They are quite easy and make nice Christmas entertainment!

Christmas Wreath Cookies


Butter: 150 g

Sugar: 110 g (shifted)

Egg: one

Lemon zest: from one lemon

Lemon juice: 1 Tablespoon

Flour: 250 g

Cherry: red and green (for decoration): finely chopped

Milk: 100cc

Cocoa or green tea powder

How to Prepare (preparation and baking time in total: 1-1.5 hr)

preparing christmas wreath cookies

Squeeze that cookie out!

(1)  Cut the butter into pieces and leave at room temperature for a couple of hours (well, if you live in a tropical country, 5-10 min may be enough!)

(2)  Whisk the butter in a bowl until it is soft and turns white. If butter is still too hard, you can also warm up the bottom of the bowl (but of course only if the bowl is tolerant to the stove!)

(3)  Add sugar in three times and continue to whisk.

(4)  Add egg, lemon zest, lemon, and milk.

(5)  Add flour and mix all the ingredients lightly.

(6)  If you would like to have a color, divide the dough into half (or three), dissolve cocoa or green tea powder with hot water in a separate cup, and mix with the dough.

(7)  Put the dough into the Pastry bag ( with a tip and squeeze out the dough in a circle shape (like a Christmas wreath).

(8)  Put a piece of green and red cherry on the dough.

(9)  Heat up the oven at 160-170C and bake the cookies for 15-20 min.

Tip: If you can’t find the cherry for baking, you can substitute with other things which make the cookies look like a wreath. I used dried cranberries for red and dyed raisins with green coloring to substitute the cherries (but my fingers and nails stayed green for a day!)

Peppernut Cookies (preparation and baking time in total: 1hr)

According to Laura and Jasmin, peppernut cookies are called ‘Pebernødder’ in Denmark. They thought it is a very Danish and Nordic specialty for Christmas but apparently, it is also baked in Germany and The Netherlands as well as in the USA. As the name shows, these cookies have various spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pepper.

Peppernut cookie recipe

We recommend the recipe through the link. They were delicious!

As the dough was a bit too soft to roll on our hands, we ended up adding more flour which made the cookies look a bit whiter but they were delicious!!

Laura and Jasmin used the recipe from the following web site:

How did they taste? We’d love to hear how everything turned out, or even about your favorite cookie recipes.

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  1. I love this one. It looks great. I will try this one tomorrow for my wedding anniversary. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Sarah WuNo Gravatar says:

    These are great baking recipe. Your wife is so talented!
    Sarah Wu´s recent [type] ..Gelato – A Sweet local Delicacy In Italy

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