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The winner is Claire! You can connect with Claire and read all about her travels on her blog First-Time Travels.  This picture is from the town docks in Jamestown, Rhode Island (yup, we are smaller than Hawaii!). What makes it so special (besides the incredible beauty of the area) is that this is my hometown. My parent’s house is just a 7 minute walk down the street. Jamestown is the town located on Conanicut Island in Narragansett bay. You may have heard of Newport, RI (our slightly bigger neighbor) which is famous for its colonial town feel, nice beaches and enormous mansions (think The Great Gatsby). Jamestown is a quieter version with a lot of charm and a bit more laid back. There are parks, farms, nice restaurants and as you can see, amazing views of the ocean.

You may wonder why I would leave such a beautiful place. I’m not sure myself at times but I always love coming home, sitting on the porch, watching the sailboat races in the harbor, and walking through the town.

Welcome to Travel Photo Contest Friday. If you’re a new friend, each week I post a beautiful picture (at least I think so) from my travels and you guess where it is. The first person to guess where this picture was taken (Country, and place) will win a link back to their blog with the anchor text of their choice in this post (keep it clean and relevant). Leave your guess and recent post in the comment section below. Last week there was no winner as there was no contest. Instead we had a Blog Party as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and promote our latest projects. Please feel free to keep the conversations going!

I will also stumble and review the latest post of anyone who leaves a comment even if the winner has already been picked (up until next Thursday). Yes, the prizes heavily favor the blogging and travel geeks amongst us. If you don’t have a website, then leave your favorite website or better yet a charity that deserves attention.

Good luck!

Guesses aside, all comments are welcome!

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9 Responses to “The Most Exotic Locale of All: Travel Photo Contest Friday 15”

  1. CarynNo Gravatar says:

    Jamestown! But I am definitely late on my posting – just excited that I know it! (as I should)!

  2. martaNo Gravatar says:

    no clue, but i am curious myself to find out where this was taken. harbour gives me always a sense of tranquility
    marta´s recent [type] ..Finding a job after a Round-The-World trip

  3. LisaNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like you already have the answer, Conanicut in Jamestown, RI.
    Thanks for the clues!

  4. AndiNo Gravatar says:

    I love harbors!
    Andi´s recent [type] ..India- Day 8 Part 2

  5. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Jamestown, RI
    Brian´s recent [type] ..Puerto Rico through the Eyes of Surfing

  6. ClaireNo Gravatar says:

    Is this in Jamestown, Rhode Island? The Conancut Island? Just guessing. The cottage says so. :-)

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  7. I’m gonna say, Connecticut, USA… it says so on the hut.
    Johann Thorsson´s recent [type] ..Being an English Teacher in Korea guest post

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