Traveling, writing and blogging can be a lonely business. It can be as difficult to meet people on the road as it is knowing how many people read and enjoy what you write. Maybe this is why we as writers and travel bloggers are so obsessed with our site traffic numbers and the number of friends/fans we have on facebook (hey, please be my friend).

We all go through rough patches while traveling where we miss home and family, just as we go through bouts of self-doubt wondering if what we write is worth anything to anyone. Like anything in life, when you face a period of depression, self-doubt, adversity, whatever, you have two choices: wallow in it all and remain in the same place, or continue walking and see what’s around the next corner. Every corner for me has always offered a solution to my problem now out of sight.

Just as important as moving on is celebrating our victories…whatever they might be. As such I’m excited to report Todd’s Wanderings has FINALLY made the Top 100 Travel Blogs list sponsored by TravelPod. And I didn’t just debut at number 100, but hit the list running at a cool #68. Having goals is important and making this list has been one of mine ever since I reoriented by blog at the beginning of the year. Being placed next to the other amazing writers and travelers is a huge honor and I encourage you to check out the other blogs on the site (no, no, no, not yet, read the rest of my post first).

In part to celebrate, but also to make virtual travel world a bit less impersonal, here is the first video introduction to Todd’s Wanderings. You can watch it below or on the side bar to the right. Either way, I just want to say thank you for supporting my site and helping to keep me going. It’s been a long, tough road filled with exotic locations, sandy beaches, delicious beers, dancing…so much dancing… Yes, it’s been a rough life so far.

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15 Responses to “100 Travel Blogs and Video Vanity”

  1. Help JapanNo Gravatar says:

    Sometimes it is too easy to look away from people in need. I am unable to turn a blind eye to the plights of the stricken, however. So many Japanese have been left without their homes and without even food to comfort their fears. They need a crutch to lean on. While not everyone has the money to donate to a cause, even the smallest contribution may help a family stay off the streets tonight. Even if you can’t give money, don’t forget to pray for the Japanese people.

  2. Mike RauchNo Gravatar says:

    The Video you have shared in this post is nice. I would like to meet your wife personally for great recipes.
    Mike’s Recent website Online Travel Guide

  3. JasonNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations on smashing through the top 100! (It sure looks cold on top of that mountain)
    Jason (AlpacaSuitcase)
    Jason´s recent [type] ..The Cairo Camel Market

  4. HerbNo Gravatar says:

    always enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.
    Herb´s recent [type] ..Over the Ohio river

  5. EarlNo Gravatar says:

    Well done Todd! This blog definitely deserves to be on that list and I’m sure it will continue to climb up the rankings!
    Earl´s recent [type] ..What’s Wrong With Visiting Our Parents

  6. NathanNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome stuff Todd, and not just in at #100 either – BOOM straight to #68 ;) congratz! your doing something right so keep it up! :)

  7. Ant StoneNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats! Out of interest, how long have you been waiting? I submitted my site agggeees ago but seem to be being ignored? It says they’re not accepting new submissions either. Just wondered if you could share how you got submitted?

    Love the new video too — the weather looks much better in Kosovo than Macedonia!!

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Ant, thanks. I guess I was not waiting that long :) I submitted my site around March. It took a few e-mails and some Twitter stalking to get a response back. My site’s profile was posted in April here: Since then I have been working on my Alexa and Compete rankings and just finally last week had an average score low enough to be included in the top 100.

      Was your site profiled? Or not accepted at all? Looking at your site I see you have a Compete ranking of 998,750 which is a problem as it destroys your Alexa ranking (which is great, nice job). My Compete rank dropped sporadically so I have not suggestions on that. Hope this helps.

    • NathanNo Gravatar says:

      yeah for some reason they just stopped taken on new blogs – dunno why, but it happened a few months ago :S maybe it’s best to contact them directly and ask.
      Nathan´s recent [type] ..Travel Realization – The Luxury Of Having An Escape

  8. AndiNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats on being in the Top 100!!!!!! How fantastic!
    Andi´s recent [type] ..India- Day 8 Part 2

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