Interesting characters are usually the center piece of my travels. They help make a place memorable either by their actions, personalities and generosity.  However, there is another group of actors that deserves attention, our fury and feathered friends in the animal world. They participate in festivals, live monastic lives in temples, sneak into our rooms at night, and play hide and seek while we tramp through their neighborhoods in 4-wheel drive vehicles. They have made many of my trips extraordinary and unforgettable. Here are a few faces and characters that have stayed with me long after my flight home touched down.

Peacock in Sri LankaPeacocks can’t fly well but they can at least get to the top of houses. In southern Sri Lanka this is a common sight…everyone likes a view after all.

Elephant cooling off in Sri LankaIt can get really hot in Sri Lanka and everyone likes to cool down. Notice the chains around the neck. He is a “domesticated” elephant who will perform in the festival Pera Hera later in the night.

Elephants in electric outfits in Sri Lanka's Pera Hera festival in KandyA hundred elephants are dressed in electric outfits and marched through the hill country city of Kandy in Sri Lanka’s largest Pera Hera festival.

Elephant sex, not something you forget easily. And then there are things you just can’t forget for different reasons…

Black faced monkey in Sri LankaThese cute guys (grey langur) are actually quite large.  Their beards and black faces really give them a special character. Watch them run and you laugh at their swinging arms.

Monkey sitting on a throne at the monkey temple in Ubud, BaliIn Ubud, Bali’s Monkey Temple they are pampered a bit more. Watch your belongings as these cute guys will distract you while their family robs you blind.

Spotted Moray in the MaldivesWe can’t forget our ocean friends. This spotted Moray wasn’t shy at all as we drifted by under the Maldivian sea.

Honey Comb Moray MaldivesOf course not everyone is happy to see you. This Honey Comb Moray was a bit cranky at being disturbed.

Lepord in Yala national park Sri LankaI can’t begin to describe the feeling of seeing a leopard walk just a few feet from you.

Horse in the mountians of Dragash, KosovoThis curious horse wondered where we had come from in this wild section of Kosovo.

Curious Sheep in KosovoThis curious girl could care less about the grass, she wanted to eat my camera.

Where have you seen great wildlife? Leave a comment below. Better yet show us all by submitting a photo Todd’s Wanderings Facebook Page.

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11 Responses to “Wild Side of Travel: animal photo tribute”

  1. This made me smile, especially the elephants :)
    Ayngelina Brogan´s recent [type] ..Not a change of heart but a change of plans

  2. Great photos. Amazingly awesome wildlife scenes.
    Michael Schuermann´s recent [type] ..Easy Hiking South Of Paris – Verriere Forest

  3. The photo of the horse on the hill is brilliant… good job framing that image!
    Brendan van Son´s recent [type] ..An eBook Launching Dec 1st- and a chance for you to earn cash

  4. AnaVarNo Gravatar says:

    Great photos! The dressed elephants are amazing – hope to see more photos!

  5. AshleyNo Gravatar says:

    Great pictures! The one of the horse is beautiful, though the peacock is my favorite – reminds me of a weather vane.

  6. Haha, nice pics Todd! The elephants at it was unexpected. You should have PG13 this post :)

    Thanks for sharing this.

    David @ Malaysia Asia´s recent [type] ..Pulau Sapi Island in Sabah

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