Instead of highlighting a Travel Photo this Friday I’ve decided to do something completely new, I want to highlight YOU. I can talk about myself and my travels forever, well at least I have been doing it for the past three years. Now it’s time to hear from each of YOU and to start getting to know each other. This is the first Blog Party (think Block Party without the pony and clowns) here on Todd’s Wanderings, with hopefully many more to come in the future.

Note, this idea comes from my friend and fellow writer Alexis Grant over at The Traveling Writer. Please do go and check her site out.

So, what is a Blog Party?

That’s a great question! Basically it’s a chance to tell us who you are, what you do, and where we can find you. It’s a way for us to meet each other, discover areas where we connect, learn new perspectives on life, travel, doing good, or whatever.

What you need to do.

Wait! Don’t go, I promise, no heavy lifting. Just introduce yourself with your name, what you do in life (ie how you travel, what you’re passionate about, favorite oatmeal flavor…), and any projects you’re working on at the moment. Now for the self-promotion part: leave your blog address and twitter name (use http:// so the link comes through) so that we can all find you again, if you have them that is.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you. Don’t be shy, and feel free to respond to each other in your comments or even post something up on Todd’s Wanderings Facebook Page.

I’ll go first by giving you all a peak into what is going on with me at the moment. 1) Just started a new job with the United Nations focusing on Community Stabilization; 2) I’m working on a ebook through Lonely Planet (yeah you read that correct) with 40 other travel bloggers. More on this soon but let’s just say I am super excited about it; 3) I’m going camping this weekend in Southern Kosovo for fun and as a part of a Hiking Guide to Dragash that I’m helping to put together; 4) and I am not writing enough for my own Travel Book on hiking the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage Japan (it’s a bit more involved than just that as I struggle with societies expectations to settle down and explore Japanese crazy dichotomy between conformity and extremes).

It’s as simple as that, although feel free to skip the list and describe in detail. You can find me on twitter at An for the record I like Apple Cinnamon.

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9 Responses to “Enough about ME let’s talk about You!”

  1. Hi Todd, I am new here and just started following you on twitter. I just got back from an amazing 25 day camping trip in California. 2 people and 2 dogs living in a van – I feel like a real hippy. The highlights were Yosemite and Mono Lake.

    I am currently planning a career switch from software business analyst into photography and I am on a quest right now to figure out what my niche is. Since I also love boating and all things marine I think it will have something to do with that. Although ironically it is not my strong point photographically. I need to work on that.

    My favourite oatmeal is maple.

    I have been working on more frequent blog entries and if you are interested you can visit my blog here: You can see my photos here: Or you can follow me on twitter here @annemckinnell.

    Thanks for this opportunity to introduce myself and I will be keeping my eye on your blog.

    Anne McKinnell´s recent [type] ..Honourable Mention in SPCA Wild Arc Photo Contest

  2. AnnieNo Gravatar says:

    Good call Todd!!

    So, I’m Annie and I’m currently stuck between being an expat and a traveler in Italy! I have settled here for the next few months to make some money and twist my boyfriends arm until he makes a decision about his travels (stubborn Italians!).

    After this, who knows! I’m just happy to be abroad and writing for my new blog!! If you are interested in following me as I stumble my way through Italy and deal with sharing my space with an Italian then check me out. Also, you can find me on Twitter @annb04.

    P.S. I haven’t had oatmeal in a while, but when I was a kid I was all about that Peaches and Cream flavor. Too bad it’s all turned into a bad sexual innuendo these days!
    Annie´s recent [type] ..Lesson 4

  3. EricaNo Gravatar says:

    My name is Erica Kuschel. I just recently left my job at a large, well known video game company to pursue my dream as a freelance photographer (and to travel). Hubby and I are leaving to Central/South America at the end of the year until we run out of money. The pictures we take there will be to make a book/eBook in which some of the proceeds will go to funding other bloggers and the Couchsurfing community. :)

    I’m currently keeping busy with my blog Over Yonderlust, doing some wedding photography to pay the bills, about to start pedicabbing, putting together and art show for my friend Cameron Russell, and am planning/co-hosting the Austin, Texas Meet, Plan, Go (I’m busy and would never have been able to do all this while keeping my last job).

    Fav oatmeal: Kashi Apple Cinnamon

    Twitter: @OverYonderlust
    Erica´s recent [type] ..Travel Photography July 29

  4. HerbNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the invite Todd,
    My name is Herb and with my wife Laura we travel as tourist. Having retired from a major airline after 35 years of ground work, (no,I’m not a pilot), we look forward to flying to far off destinations. We have been delayed for about a year, but are now on track. Our plans are in jello and I think thats important to know from a self awareness perspective. We very much want to live aboard a sailboat and travel. Over the years we have had some nice vacations here and there, but now we do not have to return to work and that is a luxury without compare! Our style is to go cheap, backpacking mostly, no reservations, maybe a railpass and just bump around. A glass of cheap wine and some stinky cheese makes us very happy, so does a nice long walk on a mountain trail. When we get the boat you are all invited to come sailing with us, seriously, the more the merrier. Can you be serious and merry at the same time? I think it would be cool to meet you and your Wife at one of your exotic locales, lunch is on us.
    I take my oatmeal straight up with a shot of yogurt and honey.
    My blog is for friends and family so most may find it PG for the kids. It is mostly about the pics I think, my writing needs improving. Stop by and comment. I recently went “commercial” for Lonely Planet, what a hoot. Now I need to find a worthy cause to donate my $2.59 to. I’ve always admired Greenpeace.
    Toddswanderings is the best travel blog I’ve read, on many different levels, keep up the good work!
    Herb´s recent [type] ..Rocky Mt National Park

  5. Nick LabordeNo Gravatar says:

    My name is Nick and I’m currently planning a RTW trip for next year. I’ve recently started a blog to chronicle my journey. I’m not totally new to travel but I am new to the independent/backpacking way of travel. I guess I would say that I’ve been a tourist but I aspire to be a traveler, experience, not just see.

    Blog – www,
    Twitter – @stretchdnick

    I’m currently employed in management but I won’t bore you with all the unsexy details. I plan on doing a career break and focusing on my passions, which are entrepreneurship, challenge and experiencing the world (just to name a few). This is essentially what my blog is about (for now anyways).

    Apple Cinnamon is my favorite too, gotta love those dried up apple like things.
    Nick Laborde´s recent [type] ..4 Extreme Budgeting Tips For Saving Some Serious Cash

  6. EarlNo Gravatar says:

    My name is Derek Baron and my middle name is Earl. I’ve been traveling for the past 11 years, including teaching English, working on board cruise ships, living in India and backpacking as much as possible. I should be in the Middle East right now but my trip has been delayed due to an unexpected dental issue and so I’m spending time in Mexico until I’m able to begin my next adventure.

    I currently survive on sales from two eBooks I’ve written and I’m about to release a third one in a couple of weeks. And once that is done I’ll be working full time on my travel blog.

    I’m addicted to India, Indian food and wearing sarongs and you’ll never find in any part of the world where the temperature dips below 50 F / 10 C. I don’t like oatmeal but I eat as much muesli as possible, usually topped with extra raisins.
    Earl´s recent [type] ..A Moment’s Loss of Faith in Humanity

  7. Zoë DawesNo Gravatar says:

    Blog Party – What a brilliant idea Todd! Soudnds like you have got some great things going on :-)

    MY latest news is that I am going to be historic Leighton Hall’s “Quirky Writer in the Garden” for them in the next few months, which means I will be sitting out in their lovely garden writing my Quirky Tales and in the rain/cold be in the house, plus sharing some of this ancient family’s stories on their website.

    I’m about to go to Jerez in Andalucia, home of sherry, flamenco & the Royal Spanish Equestrian Society – staying in a 15th Century Mooris house & planning to lie by the pool, write and learn flamenco – OLE!!

    Living and working near the Lake District I will be continuing my Quirky Traveller Tours in September so if you want to find special places and quirky things to do just give me a shout …

    You can follow me on Twitter – @quirkytraveller and on Facebook – zoedawes1

    Ciao and may your journeys be quirkiliciously delightful :-)
    Zoë aka The Quirky Traveller
    Zoë Dawes´s recent [type] ..Slowing down in delightful Devon …

  8. My name is Johann Thorsson and I work for flight search-engine, in Iceland. I recently moved into the marketing department and have since been tweeting and blogging about travel and Dohop.

    I travelled a lot as a kid (my father worked for the UN) and my favourite trip is one we took to beautiful Kenya. Most recently I went to Brighton, England, with my girlfriend and one-year old son. I stayed in Kosovo for new years a few years ago and though Pristina did not particularly impress me, one of Kosovo’s skiing spots did (I forget the name).

    I tweet here:
    I blog here:
    Johann Thorsson´s recent [type] ..A trip in flickr’s Travel tag

  9. PoiNo Gravatar says:

    Woohoo party!

    My name is Poi and all you need to know about me is that I finish work 3 weeks today with my Local City Council after 4 years, 5 days later I’m flying off to Beijing with my girlfriend Kirsty. We’ve just had our visas come through today so we’re all good to go.

    We have 5 nights booked in Beijing and after that nothing, no time limits to meet, no plans to stick to…just complete freedom! We’ve been writting about the build up to our trip at and you can chat with us on twitter at @NoPlaceToBe.

    P.S forget oatmeal it’s all about toast and Marmite!
    Poi´s recent [type] ..Backpacks!

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