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Welcome to Travel Photo Contest Friday. Just in case this is your first time visiting, each week I post a beautiful picture (at least I think so) from my travels and you guess where it is.

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3 Religous StatuesWhere do these calm, stern and beautiful statues live?

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The winner is David! The picture was taken in a Buddhist temple in Japan on the island of Shikoku. The island is the smallest of Japan’s 4 main islands and is one of the most remote and traditional areas in Japan. Most tourist usually don’t make it down there, so if you have the chance it is a great way to jump off the normal path.

Dave has decided to highlight a nonprofit called CitiNature, dedicated to green urban projects around the world. He’s just getting started, and he has a blog/website at so show him some support by visiting.

The first person to guess where this picture was taken (Country only this time) will win a link back to their blog with the anchor text of their choice in this post (keep it clean and relevant). Leave your guess and recent post in the comment section below. Laura won last weeks competition of Dutch Wind Power.

I will also stumble and review the latest post of anyone who leaves a comment even if the winner has already been picked (up until next Thursday). Yes, the prizes heavily favor the blogging and travel geeks amongst us. If you don’t have a website, then leave your favorite website or better yet a charity that deserves attention.

Good luck!

Guesses aside, all comments are welcome!

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26 Responses to “Calm, Stern, and Beautiful: Travel Photo Contest Friday 13”

  1. This reminds me of Japan too… not sure about what temple but I’d say Kyoto! Kyomizu-dera or Ryoanji :)
    giuliadventures´s recent [type] ..121 reasons why NOW is the right time to travel

  2. cindyNo Gravatar says:

    I’d say its in Ayuthaya Thailand

  3. Phil NashNo Gravatar says:

    One of the ‘Monkey’ Temples in Bali?
    Phil Nash´s recent [type] ..Cultural London

  4. NancieNo Gravatar says:

    I’m going to say Japan, maybe a temple in Kyoto. Lovely photo, and a wild guess!
    Nancie´s recent [type] ..Through the Sandbox Lens 10 -8212 Souzhou- China -8212 Along the Canal

  5. AndiNo Gravatar says:

    Have no clue, but what a beautiful photo…just oozes peacefulness.
    Andi´s recent [type] ..India- Day 5 Part 6

  6. BeverlyNo Gravatar says:

    Todd – Just in case Japan isn’t right, I’ll guess Cambodia, but I suspect that’s too little too late :) Love the concept of your weekly contest! Found it thrrough SU – Beverly
    Beverly´s recent [type] ..And then there is Ireland-

  7. Ooh Dave, good eyes.

    Camden Luxford´s recent [type] ..Expat Interview 6- Vago Damitio in Morocco

    • Dave*No Gravatar says:

      I might be wrong. I can think of at least one big way I could be wrong.

        • Dave*No Gravatar says:

          Assuming I was correctly observing the presence of kana, the Occam’s razor answer was that the statues were in Japan. But they could also have been in part of Japan’s former colonial empire (probably Taiwan, the only part of said former colonial empire where they would not have been smashed) or in a part of the world with a large emigrant Japanese population, such as Brazil or the state of Hawaii.

          But they were probably in Japan. And they were.

  8. I think Dave nailed it, totally missed that out.

    David @ Malaysia Asia´s recent [type] ..Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010

  9. Dave*No Gravatar says:

    I’ll say Japan. Some of the engravings are in kana.

    • Todd WasselNo Gravatar says:

      Nice one Dave, you win! This picture was taken at a small temple on the island of Shikoku while I was walking around on a pilgrimage. What website would you like me to highlight as your prize?

      • Dave*No Gravatar says:

        A former co-worker of mine from Forrester Research, Mark Brown, is quitting that company to start a nonprofit called CitiNature, dedicated to green urban projects around the world. He’s just getting started, and he has a blog/website at I choose to highlight the site.

        Mark is a wideranging international traveler, having lived in Japan, the Netherlands and a host of other nations. I think toddswanderings readers will find CitiNature very interesting.

  10. Hiya Todd, looks like Thailand, just a wild guess.

    David @ Malaysia Asia´s recent [type] ..Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010

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