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Is it only kids who love fried chicken? Nope! I still love fried chicken and this ‘Yu Lin Chi’ is even more special for adults because it goes well with chilled beer!! This dish is popular among EVERYONE-drinkers and non-drinkers, adults and children.

Chinese Yu Lin Chi Chicken

The ‘Yu Lin Chi’ recipe is also from my mom which I learned more than 13 years ago. Having lived outside Japan for 10 years, I’ve been absent from my mom’s cooking class (yes, she teaches cooking), but I still get her recipes from time to time and try out new dishes. It is not always easy to cook some dishes without the right ingredients but I’ve learned how to substitute some ingredients with other items by now! The beauty of this ‘Yu Lin Chi’ is that you can cook with generally available ingredients. OK. Here we go!

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Chicken thigh: 400g

Leak: 1/3 of a long leak (finely chopped)

Yu Lin Chi Sauce

Yummy, yummy Yu Lin Chi Special Chicken Sauce!

Ginger: 1/2 Tablespoon (finely chopped)

Lettuce 5-6 leaves

(a) Marinade for chicken

Salt:1/3 teaspoon

Soy sauce: 2 teaspoons

Sake: 1Tablespoon

Pepper to taste

(b) Special Sauce

Soy sauce: 3 Tablespoons

Vinegar: 2 Tablespoons

Sugar: 2.5 Tablespoons

Sesame oil: 1 teaspoon

Chicken broth (or clear soup with the stock): 1Tablespoon

How to cook (preparation time: 15 min; cooking time: 20 min)

(1)  Cut the chicken to open it up and keep the thickness even.

(2)  Marinade the meat with (a) for 5-10 minutes, just long enough to give it a nice coating.

(3)  Finely chop the leak and ginger, and tear the lettuce into pieces.

(4)  Put the ingredients for sauce together in a small bowl.

(5)  Heat oil, enough to cover the chicken, up to 160 C (315 F) and throw in the chicken (well don’t throw or you’ll get burned by the oil!). Keep the flame of the stove in the middle range until the center of the chicken is cooked fully.

(6)  Turn up the heat for a minute to make the chicken crispy.

(7)  Put the chicken on top of a bed of lettuce on the plate. Pour on the sauce. That’s all!

If you like to eat with rice, please check how to cook rice in the recipe for Nishoku Gohan.

Was that easy? Delicious? Tell us how tasty it was, or how it all went horribly, horribly wrong :)

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6 Responses to “Chinese Fried Chicken with special sauce- Yu Lin Chi”

  1. JenniferNo Gravatar says:

    Recipe sounds delish & I think the kids will love… I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer´s recent [type] ..Lonely Planet Blogsherpas- Jamon in Spain

  2. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    I am sure my wife will want to use this recipe for Yu Lin Chi – it looks like the real deal.

    Great photos!
    David´s recent [type] ..Tea Stories From The East To The West

  3. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Looks fabulous and sounds easy enough to make. Can’t wait to try it out! Keep up the great entries.
    Also, check out some travels I’ve ventured on and read about my preparations to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

  4. DinaNo Gravatar says:

    It looks delicious and seems like not difficult to make, I think I will give this a try!
    Dina´s recent [type] ..Top 3 Pieces of Traveling Advice by Travelers Around the World

  5. it really does look yummy!! :)

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