This is a guest post by Laura. An international development worker currently living and working in Kosovo. She is passionate about photography, discovering new cultures, yoga, scuba diving, hiking and working with other people to make the world a better place for all.  You can see her photography here:

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The Art of Solo Travel: A Girls’ Guide

The Art of Solo Travel – A Girl’s Guide by Stephanie Lee helped me answer the same question I often ask myself: why travel alone? Then again, I’ve done nothing but for the past 12 years, living and traveling in Israel/Palestine, Pakistan, Maldives and now Kosovo. But I’ve never really travelled ‘alone’ just for the sake of exploring a new place or culture. No matter how I define my own travels, I guess by many people’s account I could be considered an un-average girl. And this, according to the e-book, written for female solo travelers (or would-be solo travelers) is what you are if you’re motivated to start reading it.

I never thought a check list such as the ‘Un-average’ girl check list at the beginning could inspire, but this one does (well if you are like me, that is!) In any case it can boost your confidence; and it makes you more than willing to continue reading, affirming that if you’ve read this far, you’re not motivated by money, you’re tired of the rat race and you seek fulfillment through unconventional means (yes that’s me!)

The e-book, produced by Indie Travel Podcast, is practical and down to earth. It is beautifully laid out with reader-friendly check lists, boxes and photographs. The book covers 6 parts that helps you answer a wide range of questions such as why you should travel alone (including pros and cons), how to prepare for your trip, what to pack, how to travel more and spend less (e.g. sensible tips on financial planning), and how to meet awesome people. It also gives practical ideas on how to maximize the use of frequent flyer miles and even suggests visiting, which is an international non-profit network that connects travelers with locals in over 230 countries and territories around the world where people share hospitality, come together for cultural exchange, friendship, and learning experiences.

More importantly it can give you the proverbial kick in the butt if you are seeking a life change, or just want to quit your life and get a new one; these are the more inspirational parts of the book.

Lucky for me, given I’ve been travelling so long, I now have friends all over the world whose couches I can rely on. And perhaps here is its weakness, if you can call it that. Many of the tips are useful for even the seasoned traveler, but this e-book is definitely aimed at the first-time traveler providing what is obviously meant to be a general introduction to a few continents and major countries as potential travel destinations (e.g. Western Europe and Egypt). However, at the end a list of different resources is listed that can offer more details when needed.

In general, I can say that The Art of Traveling Solo will be stuffed in my duffel bag next time I travel or on my laptop rather. (Coincidentally, the book advises you not to bring your laptop unless you will use it related to work and travel). This guide has inspired me to pursue further my traveling dreams in an organized way, and I’m sure it will inspire you too.

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RELEASED: June 1, 2010

PUBLISHER: Indie Travel Media Ltd

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Do you travel solo? Prefer to travel in a group or with friends? Leave a comment below.

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