I know this post is coming a bit late but I wanted to share my wedding with everyone. Marriage is certainly one of the biggest adventures I have wandered into. I am sure it will spawn many new stories to share.

We had a wonderful September day on the water in Newport, with the sun shining and the boats cruising out of the harbor for a boat show weekend regatta. The wedding was planned from halfway around the world while Kay and I lived in Sri Lanka, and even after Kay left for Kosovo. In fact we didn’t even see the venue until our “last” meeting with the Regatta Place 5 days before the wedding!

Crews leaving for the race in Narragansett Bay

Despite the distance and the logistics of planning from so far away, the Regatta Place did an incredible job and I would recommend them to anyone based on their service, food, and beautiful location. One of the things that helped us was being able to view so many weddings over the internet and read personal reviews and experiences. Hopefully this post will help others out in the same way.

We had a great weekend, the wedding went smoothly, the weather was great, and Newport provided a fun time out on the town. The only negative to holding a wedding in Newport is the transportation difficulties. Most of our guests came from out of town and many of them from abroad. The taxi services in Newport are rude and inconvenient and many of our guests had difficulties finding rides to TF Green airport early in the morning. If you can arrange the logistics or have enough people driving in, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

The venue is part of a marina on Goat Island in the middle of Newport harbor.

You never know what type of yachts will be docked next to the wedding area. We were lucky and had two beautiful sail boats.

The reception area under the semi-permanent tent.

Kay getting ready.

We got ready in our own way.

Milling about…

…enjoying the day, and waiting for things to start.


Not nervous yet…

The vows


Enjoying the outside bar

We love berries!

We brought sake from Kay’s family brewery in Japan. Instead of having a receiving line we walked around to each table and poured (and drank) sake for everyone.

We also had fans made in Japan for everyone to remember the wedding.

Of course it all went by way too quickly. My advice to anyone getting married, don’t stress and just enjoy the day, it goes by quicker than you can imagine.
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2 Responses to “Our wedding in Newport, Rhode Island”

  1. Todd says:

    Thanks Laurina. The day goes by so quickly that it can pass by before you even have a chance to realize it is happening.

  2. Laurina says:

    Sounds like good advice, Todd! :)

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