Kay won a free weekend at the Lighthouse Hotel, in Galle, Sri Lanka during a Japanese sponsored raffle over New Years. Knowing we only had a few more months left in Sri Lanka we decided to cash in the vouchers at the Geoffrey Bawa designed luxury hotel.
While I was not too impressed with the view of the hotel from the street (like most places in Sri Lanka), the view of the water and the inside were fantastic.

At the entrance guests are greeted to a colonial war waging its way up the spiral staircase.
Feeling relaxed yet?

If you need help getting up the stairs I am sure these guys will help out…

Nothing to see here sir…move along.

Ahhhhh, all right, all right, you caught us…good one!

Once you make it past the carnage in the entrance, you can shut your door and relax in spacious rooms. I would recommend the rooms just above the dinning area as they are the largest of the standard rooms.

The views of the Indian Ocean are breathtaking.
Tropical downpours add additional beauty when you are stuck “inside.”
The lounge area on the water. Just behind is a huge pool.

A monitor lizard looking for food right next to us. This one is actually small!
We had to fight the traffic getting back to Colombo. At least we didn’t have to worry about the car stopping quickly and being stepped on by an elephant.

While there is no beach at the hotel, it is non-the-less a beautiful place to spend a few days. I would recommend it to anyone staying near Galle.

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  1. Kirigalpoththa says:

    Not my favourite Bawa hotel, yet quite a good one this is!

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