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After almost 2 1/2 years I decided it was time to propose to Kay. As many who are following my wanderings are aware, I had been stuck in the United States for about 3 months as I waited for my work visa to be approved. During this time I began planning the proposal for March and relying on friends to help sort out the details as I sat halfway around the world.

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Kay had no idea what was being planned behind her back. Once I returned I insisted that we go away for a weekend of scuba diving and relaxing on Unawatuna Beach. Kay had planned to do some work over the weekend….thankfully the computer never made it out if its case.

Diving turned out to be a disaster. The sea was rough, and we were the only people crazy enough to give it a try. Withing 5 minutes our dive master had deviated from our dive plan. He started going below 22 meters (we had set a 12 meter limit), and we eventually lost him as the visibility was only about 3-5 feet. Adding to the confusion there was a strong current. After searching for him for about 5 minutes we surfaced and headed back into shore, very unimpressed with him and the the dive company, but happy with each other and how we handled the situation.

After we packed up our diving gear we “decided” to climb to the top of the Buddhist temple that overlooks Unawatuna Beach. Kay still had no idea what was coming.
The pagoda at the top of the hill.
The views from the top are spectacular. Just past the rocks is the area where we went scuba diving in the morning.

Around the pagoda

Unawatuna below.

I am feeling really nervous at this moment, but hiding it well.

On the backside of the hill the views of the coast are spectacular. I waited for the tourists wondering around to leave before we had the place to ourselves and I proposed.

Kay accepted! I had the ring made in Colombo, by a diamond dealer that I was introduced to through a gemologist friend. Not only was the workmanship fantastic, but he had it ready in one week! I didn’t actually get the ring until one hour before we departed for the South, which was very nerve wracking.

Happy after the proposal. I had one more surprise for Kay….

Twelve friends waiting at a beach villa we rented for the weekend. Kay thought we were headed to a romantic getaway for just us.

With the blindfold removed Kay was surprised to find everyone waiting for her.

The celebration begins.

Beer in hand I can finally relax.

We rented out all 4 rooms at Amanda Villa so we had the place to ourselves.
The villa was right on the beach.

Ready for the party.

We had a traditional Sri Lankan lunch full of different curries and very spicy

The party continues by the beach.
The sea was rough but we still went swimming.
Drinks anyone?

Feeling content.
The rain moved in, but luckily it was just a passing downpour.
Kris helped plan the villa details while I was stuck in the US.
For dinner we had a full buffet of crabs, prawns and fresh fish.
We finished ourselves off with shots of tequila.

We weren’t the only ones up early in the morning.

All in all I can’t think of a better weekend I have had in a long time. Although now the competition is on for a nice honeymoon…
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4 Responses to “Sri Lanka Engagement Surprise in Unawatuna”

  1. Kees says:

    Hi Todd (and Kay)
    Great blog and of course congrats on the engagement and upcoming wedding…I’ll keep following you now.

  2. Farheen says:

    Was a complete goof and didn’t check your blog … :) I see the engagement account here with photos. Lovely!
    Congrats to you both!


  3. Kirigalpoththa says:

    Congratulations!!! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Todd,

    Congratulations, and welcome to the club! Looks like a beautiful spot for the proposal.

    Adam Day

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