In the end of July, Kay and I and some friends packed up the car and wound our way up into the hill country for some cool weather, mountain views and a porch on the lake. We returned to Dikoya, just outside of small hill country town Hatton, where we spent the night after climbing Adam’s peak earlier in the year.

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Driving through Hatton we pass a statue of Ganesha.

A common view from the road making the drive up and back a vacation to itself.

All of the tea pickers tend to be older women working long hours and carrying heavy loads. Don’t ask me why she has a fishing pole…

A Hindu shrine clings to the side of the road, and the edge of a mountain.

Kay and I with Angles Falls behind us. We stopped here for some tea and the view at a small tea house across the street.

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Really….really!? Beer lovers are you going to stand for this?

I hate to give this place away and make it more popular, but this is the best place I have stayed in Sri Lanka. The staff is great, the food delicious, the views spectacular, and it is “probably” the best in the up country…

The porch…yes, we lead tough lives.

The view from the porch. With no one around the lake is calm and silent.

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Our friends brought their cute (if hyper) dog Portia

A view from behind the cabin

The fellas

A beautiful old tree with a shrine greets us as we leave the hotel and head home
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