In early July I took a trip down to the southern cost of Sri Lanka to the old fort city Galle and the surrounding beach areas. It is easy to forget how beautiful the Sri Lankan coast line is when you live in Colombo and are surrounded by endless cars all fighting to impose their own individual traffic rules on you.

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Just a 3 hour drive south of the city and you are greeted by empty tropical beaches, cocktails at sunset, and windy walks along the old fort walls of Galle.

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During the monsoon season the sea is predictable only in is inconsistency and dangerous rip tides. However, it is always nice to have a beach all to yourself.
This area is a calm, swimming area from October-May. Locals sit on the wooden sticks and fish off of them during set times of the day. The fishing spots have been handed down for generations.

And coconuts cost only 30 cents each!!

The fort walls were first built by the Portuguese in the early 16th Century and added to by the Dutch and British as the city changed hands throughout the centuries.

Entering the fort you leave the chaotic modern streets for the planned cobble stones roads and narrow alleyways of a walking city

This barge seems to have drifted in too close and was stuck on the shallows near the fort wall

Two Buddhist monks

Out for a stroll

The light house guides the way into the harbor

The narrow streets leave little room for cars to squeeze by each other

An old church from the Dutch period
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