A more recent update…around the beginning of October

Well I have to say life is treating me really well at the moment. I have an interesting job, job security for the next 2 months (until December 8th), a great groups of friends out here and some exciting news…..I just moved to a place by the water and I bought a motorcycle and have learned how to ride it.

But first things first. I had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Not really sure what happened on Friday night…always a good sign….I do remember Saturday so I guess I will start from there. I had my first diving session (my confined dives in the pool) and it was really fun. I get to go out on 4 open water dives in the ocean starting from next weekend. After wards I met up with the Hash House Harriers and we ran and hiked (I hiked because my dislocated toe is still bothering me) through the hills and up a dry river bed. We were met by a supped up party “van” that brought the beers and music. After getting trashed in the middle of nowhere we headed back to a private bar and ate, drank and played ping pong.

Next I found myself at a toga party and danced until 2 am until a friend gave me a ride home. Although come to think of it, the Toga party could have been on Friday. Not really sure of time out here. Sunday morning saw me buying a 125 cc motorcycle (with clutch and gears) and spending an hour riding up and down the street learning how to ride it before I took it home.

Shortly there after I moved to my new place, 10 min outside of town, and right across the street from the water. I live in a small 1 room bungalow with security and a friend who lives right across from me. There are 4 houses in the compounds, 5 dogs and 3 monkeys in the garden. I live a 10 min walk or 2 min drive to the best beach around and there is a small fishing village right down the street. The water in front is a small bay with mountain surrounding the area. The sunsets are amazing.

So now I get to ride back and forth to work on my new motorcycle. Most of the ride hugs the water so I get to feel the sea air on my face and soak up island life. The only dangers I have is dodging pigs, goats, dogs, chickens and oxen that like to jump out into the street. I am happy I left my old area as someone was stabbed to death at noon 2 days ago because he went into a store a gang was “protecting.” This all happened about 5 blocks away from where I lived.

Ok I do not have too much more news. I hope you enjoy the pictures and keep the e-mails coming, it is nice to hear what is going on at home.

Kids I met by a dry river bed

Tricked out bus we used for a party on the dry river bed

Kay humoring some drunk Australian

A sunset from the beach near my house

Tough life I know.

I will send more pictures of my place, neighborhood and my motorcycle in the next blog…

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  1. michael says:

    Your blog’s finally working. Only took about 3 months, but that’s cool. We all know how island life is a little slower. Keep posting, senor. Want other people’s emails to invite them?

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